Pork Shoulder & Tomato Soup with Crème Fraîche

Photo Credit: Brooke Martin A hearty, but fresh soup that is perfect for short winter days. Serve crusty bread slathered with cultured butter on the side. For a bit of heat, add a spoonful of sriracha at the end. Serves 4 generously Ingredients 2 lb boneless pork shoulder, cut into 1 inch pieces sea salt 2 Tbsp … Continued

DIY Winter Skin Care

As temperatures nose-dive, so does your skin’s moisture. But fighting back against parched flaky skin doesn’t mean buying expensive moisturizers. Keeping your skin protected from the fluctuating temps and dry air of winter is as easy as grabbing a few items from your fridge and pantry. Brightening Face Mask The natural exfoliation from oats will … Continued

Flavor Bouquet Winter Salad

Embrace the warming weather by utilizing in-season citrus to create this fresh, bright flavor bouquet. Packed with natural energy, Vitamin C and fiber, it’s perfect for brightening a meal, a mood or a Monday.   Winter Salad Ingredients: 4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, divided Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 tbsp sherry vinegar 1 … Continued

Seriously refreshing MOCKTAILS

Photo Credit: Mette Nielsen These days, “Let’s meet for a drink,” no longer implies beer, wine, or alcohol. Sometimes, you really need to go out, but you really don’t want alcohol. These grown-up boozeless cocktails, called mocktails, are not too sweet, plenty refreshing, and very sophisticated. They hit the mark! Mixologists in the hippest bars … Continued

Elegantly Simple Cacio e Pepe Pasta

Put true love to the test with a simple, mouth-watering pasta dish. Judging from our taste test its sophisticated simplicity is almost too good to share. Avoid the Valentine’s Day restaurant crowds and learn how to make this trendy pasta dish for two instead. We like to think of it as a grown-up mac and … Continued

Local Apples, Global Flavor

Fall is in the air, a wonderful time of year when organic apples fill the trees and our produce bins. Our apple season is short and sweet: mid-September through mid-October is prime time to enjoy the best of Minnesota-grown apples. This handpicked international recipe is a delicious way to get more local flavor on your fall menu. … Continued

Back to the Grindstone

The toasty, yeasty scent of bread baking catapults me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen. There, as a child, I’d stand on a step and help her twist dough into a braided loaf or shape fist sized dinner rolls.  These days I find baking bread, actually, baking anything, to be as relaxing as it is … Continued

Breastfeeding & Food Allergy Tips from the Co-op

Breastfeeding can be challenging enough – clogged ducts, sore nipples, spontaneous leaking – and then you find out your newborn has a food allergy. YGBK! The bad news is: you have to avoid the food your baby’s allergic to. The good news is: your co-op can help! Co-ops have a great selection of allergen-free foods … Continued

Helping Lakewinds Shine: Veronica Penson

Veronica Penson has worked at the Lakewinds store in Richfield since the day it opened its doors. She shared her story of how she came to Lakewinds, why she loves her work, and why work IS her family. Q: Where are you from, originally? A: I was born in Chicago, the oldest of six kids. … Continued