Deli & Bakehouse

When you grab a meal at the Lakewinds Deli or a baked good from our Bakehouse, enjoy it with peace of mind, knowing it’s made with fresh ingredients and prepared according to our high standards. Our food is made in-house from scratch, using high-quality, locally sourced, organic ingredients whenever possible. We also strive to offer options that meet different dietary needs.

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All ingredients follow the standards set by our other departments, including:

  • Meat: Grass-fed or pasture raised, no antibiotics, local when available
  • Seafood: Sustainably caught or raised with responsible aquaculture practices
  • Eggs: Local and organic
  • Vegetables & fruit: Local when seasonably available, with priority given to organic
  • Sugar: Non-GMO certified or organic
  • Oils: Organic safflower or olive oil
  • Flour: Unbromated and unbleached white flour or organic flour
  • Rice/grains: Organic
  • Salt: Sea salt without additives

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