In each of our communities, there are neighbors in need. Access to healthy food is a top priority at Lakewinds. Throughout the year, our co-op supports our local food shelf partners in these three main ways:


Minnesota FoodShare Campaign

Every March, we participate in the Minnesota FoodShare campaign, raising thousands of dollars for our food shelf partners. In 2019, our shoppers donated $18,774.


Food Rescue

Each year, through our food rescue program, Lakewinds donates over 100,000 lbs. of bread, produce, dairy, grocery and wellness products to our local food shelves as well.


Donation Cards

Lakewinds shoppers have the opportunity to purchase food shelf donations cards at the register in $5, $10, or $20 denominations. These funds allow our food shelf partners to purchase exactly what they need. During 2019, Lakewinds shoppers generously donated more than $25,000 to our local food shelves by purchasing donation cards at checkout.


Our food shelf partners for each store are:


Minnetonka                       Chanhassen                       Richfield