Breastfeeding & Food Allergy Tips from the Co-op

Breastfeeding can be challenging enough – clogged ducts, sore nipples, spontaneous leaking – and then you find out your newborn has a food allergy. YGBK!

The bad news is: you have to avoid the food your baby’s allergic to. The good news is: your co-op can help!

Co-ops have a great selection of allergen-free foods and alternatives, from dairy-free milk options to items made without gluten. At Lakewinds, we carefully evaluate our products so they contain none of the bad stuff (like artificial colors, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated fats) and only the good. You’ll know your milk is as healthy as possible!

Here are some of the most common allergies and possible substitutes.

  • Dairy Allergy
    • Dairy-free butter, such as Earth Balance Vegan buttery spread
    • Vegan cheese, such as Punk Rawk cashew & Go Veggie! cheese and cream cheese
    • Cashew milk, flax milk, coconut milk, almond milk
    • Rice whip; almond, soy & coconut creamer; almond & coconut milk yogurts
  • Soy Allergy
    • South River brown rice miso
    • Use fava or garbanzo beans instead of edamame (soy beans)
    • Soy-free products such as Enjoy Life cookies (also free of dairy and nuts)
  • Gluten Allergy
    • Cook quinoa or chia seeds for a hot breakfast
    • Gluten-free pasta such as quinoa, bean & brown rice pasta
    • Zoodles and other spiralized veggies; cauliflower rice instead of pasta
    • Gluten-free labeled items such as Glutino crackers, gluten-free breads & gluten-free flatbread from True Dough
  • Egg allergy
    • Ener-G Egg Replacer
    • Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs
    • The Neat Egg baking substitute
  • Nut Allergy
    • Sun Butter
    • Nut-free brands such as Enjoy Life
    • Kinnikinnick products, found in our grocery and frozen food aisles, are made without nuts, gluten and dairy

We know you’re sleep deprived and have a baby Velcroed to you all day. Stop by the co-op’s Customer Service Desk for information about products that can help!

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  1. Hello,

    I appreciate so much that South River Miso is mentioned in this article. Just a point of clarity…our Sweet Tasting Brown Rice and Hearty Brown Rice both have soys in them. However, there is a whole school of thought that says that fermented soy is much more easily digestible.

    If soys are out for you in any form, we do have several varieties of miso that do not have soybeans as an ingredient: Chickpea, Azuki, and Garlic all do not include soy as an ingredient.

    Best Regards,

    Robin Cole
    General Manager
    South River Miso Company

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