Gluten and Dairy Free Desserts for the Holidays

Holiday hosts might find accommodating dietary restrictions or allergies a challenge. Finding gluten and dairy-free desserts can seem particularly daunting. Here are some quick-fix items (available seasonally, while supplies last) to help you provide the perfect finish to your holiday meal — one that makes everyone at your table feel welcome! Best DIY Dessert that’s … Continued

Vegan Entrees for the Holiday

Photo credits: The Tofurky Company, Quorn USA, Field Roast When you’re planning your holiday feast, you may opt for family favorites and traditional recipes. If you have a guest coming who has a special diet, there’s no need to panic or entirely revamp your menu! The co-op has a variety of vegetarian and vegan entrees … Continued

Breastfeeding & Food Allergy Tips from the Co-op

Breastfeeding can be challenging enough – clogged ducts, sore nipples, spontaneous leaking – and then you find out your newborn has a food allergy. YGBK! The bad news is: you have to avoid the food your baby’s allergic to. The good news is: your co-op can help! Co-ops have a great selection of allergen-free foods … Continued