What are Bitters?

Bitters are having a comeback! Traditionally used in cocktails, their use is expanding to a number of areas, from functional drinks and mocktails to desserts. What are bitters? Bitters are concentrated extracts or tinctures that are made by infusing or muddling botanicals or aromatics, such as roots, herbs, barks, flowers, or fruit peels. These tinctures … Continued

Spotlight on: The Lakewinds Deli

Some nights, you’re just not in the mood to cook. Maybe you’re short on time before heading to a kid’s sports event. Or it’s a beautiful day, and you’d rather take a walk before dinner than spend time in the kitchen. Whatever the reason, when you need a meal (fast!) but want something made with … Continued

How to Recycle for Sustainable Success

Recycling is an easy and convenient way to reduce your trash and protect the environment, but it’s only effective when we follow guidelines for how to recycle in the areas we call home. Recycling doesn’t just divert waste from landfills, it also provides jobs and supports regional manufacturing. Most of the materials that go into … Continued

Food Rescue: Cutting Food Waste & Giving Back

Grocery stores like Lakewinds, along with other food-related businesses such as restaurants and farms, generate food waste. There’s no way to avoid it completely, but we can take steps to minimize waste and redirect safe, edible food to those who need it. One way the co-op aims to reduce food waste is through food rescue … Continued

Seeding Success: Springtime on the Farm

For many of us, spring is a time to open the windows and get outside a bit more. Perhaps, if we’re feeling ambitious, spring is a time for a bit of house cleaning and garden prep. But springtime on the farm is all about getting ready for the upcoming growing season. Between repairing equipment and … Continued

Eco-friendly Products to Help You Live Sustainably

Earth Day is the perfect time to assess your eco-friendly habits. Whether you’re composting, aiming to drive less and walk and bike more, working to conserve water, or using less plastic, there are lots of small ways to live more sustainably. As the quote from chef and author Anne Marie Bonneau goes, “We don’t need a … Continued

15 Ways to Eat More Fermented Foods

The chill of winter brings not only frosty mornings, but cold and flu season, too. Gut health is important year-round, but is particularly top of mind this time of year, when having a balanced gut microbiome is crucial to supporting your immune system. One easy way to support gut health is with probiotics, particularly those … Continued

8 Winter Activities to Counter Cabin Fever

December is full of anticipation: brisk air, fresh snow, and celebrations to enjoy. But by late January, even the biggest winter-lovers among us can experience cabin fever. We’ve gathered ideas for winter activities and items from the co-op that can help you not only survive the short, cold days and long nights, but actually thrive. … Continued

Creative Gifts by Price Range

Oh no! You forgot to pick up a gift for someone. Maybe it’s a teacher, coach, friend, babysitter, or coworker. Or maybe you’re on the way to a party and want to bring a gift for the host. The good news is, you can find a number of creative gifts at the co-op. Here’s some … Continued