Ditching Plastic with HiBAR Co-Founder Nora Schaper

Have you ever wondered why shampoo comes in big plastic bottles? While it’s typical, it isn’t necessary; all the liquid ingredients found in shampoos and conditioners are available in solid form. Plastic bottles mean excess waste for consumers and extra costs for manufacturers. If ditching plastic is the answer, what’s the alternative? Enter Nora Schaper, … Continued

New at the Co-op, June 2021

It’s time for our monthly recap of new items at the co-op! For June we’ve added a whole bunch of wonderful new items, including new brands and flavors of dairy-free yogurts and cheese alternatives, refreshing new kombuchas and ginger juices perfect for summer sipping, and hiking snacks for almost every diet. Check out the highlights … Continued

Top 10 Skincare Products for Summer

Early morning hikes, lunches on the patio, lazy afternoons in the park: these are the joys of Minnesota summer. Whatever you love to do outside, don’t let concerns about your skin hold you back. Here are the top 10 skincare products for summer recommended by our wellness team. 1. MyChelle Solar Body Defense This skincare … Continued

Low Cook and No Cook Dinner Ideas

As life returns to normal, many of us have schedules that are filling up, too. When you’re juggling kids’ sports activities, volunteer commitments, or are just working late, it’s helpful to know easy meals that you can throw together fast. Here are quick, easy, low cook and no cook dinner ideas to help make busy … Continued

10 Deli Hacks for Easy Summer Meals

Every day, the deli team is chopping, mixing, sautéing, and baking. Mincing, tossing, whisking, and roasting. So you get to enjoy scratch-made dishes of the highest, freshest quality — and use some of them to assemble easy summer meals, too. The delicious food the deli team makes can be used in a number of ways … Continued

New at the Co-op, May 2021

It’s never a bad time to find something new to love! Here are just a few of the new items you’ll find on shelves in May. No matter what new item catches your eye, rest assured that it meets our strict product standards. For example, our grocery and wellness departments both have extensive lists of … Continued

More Than Ever, Where Our Food Comes From Matters

When the COVID-19 pandemic was in full force last summer, it created unexpected challenges across the economy, but especially for local food growers and makers. They faced reduced markets as a result of restaurants, schools, corporate campuses, and other buyers being closed. That’s why Lakewinds joined other food-minded organizations and created “Local Food is Essential,” … Continued

New at the Co-op, April 2021

As if you needed additional reasons to visit the co-op, we’ve got some amazing new items to check out! Our dedicated team of purchasers is always looking for delicious & sustainable new foods and eco-friendly home items to help make your co-op lifestyle more attainable. Meat & Seafood Sablefish filets Also known as black cod, … Continued

8 Eco-friendly Living Tips From the Co-op

In the spring, as Earth Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to think of ways you can help improve the health of the planet. And the co-op team can help, sharing some favorite tips and tricks that help you have a positive impact.   Reduce plastic waste | Ellie, MOD at Chanhassen Look for reusable … Continued