Bolton Bees Honey

  Chiara and Travis Bolton have beehives throughout Minnesota, extracting and jarring location-specific honeys at their facility in Menahga, Minnesota. Their journey began in China, where Chiara learned the ropes working on a rural beekeeping project. When she returned to the U.S., she honed her new-found passion for beekeeping. Her husband soon joined her, learning … Continued

Local Spotlight: Coconut Whisk Baking

Myles Olson and Bella Lam both love to bake. But as busy students, they were short on time, and couldn’t find baking mixes that fit their dietary needs. That problem led to a partnership. They founded Coconut Whisk in 2018 to produce deliciously easy gluten-free, vegan, and allergen-friendly baking mixes. Interest grew quickly as their … Continued

Introducing Peterson Craftsman’s Limousin Beef

Our meat department is proudly introducing a new line of local, pasture-raised Limousin beef. Raised on the Peterson family farm near Osceola, Wisconsin, cattle are raised with a focus on animal welfare, heritage livestock breeding, and soil stewardship. “We’ve recognized that approaching agriculture holistically creates more life, healthier food, safer resources, and a future for … Continued

Farm to Food Bank

In 2018, Lakewinds and The Food Group, a local food bank, created a partnership we call “Farm to Food Bank.” This partnership is designed to fight local childhood hunger by providing kid-friendly organic produce to local food shelves that struggle to keep enough fresh produce on their shelves, and who serve a large population of … Continued

Meat Sale 101

It’s that time of year again! Save big when you stock up on humanely and sustainably raised meats and seafood—from chicken breasts to grass-fed ground beef to salmon fillets. First time at the sale? Follow these tips to make the most of your visit May 18, 2019.   Plan Ahead Grab a price list at … Continued

Zero-Waste Lifestyle Tips

Whatever your motivation for living a low-waste lifestyle, we have ideas that can help! Jenna Galarneau is a wellness associate at our Minnetonka store. She’s been striving to live a zero-waste lifestyle with her family for the last three years, and in our Q&A, she shares advice for reducing waste without stressing out. Q: What … Continued

Get to Know Superior Fresh

Now here’s something extraordinary: Delicious, Atlantic salmon raised right here in the Midwest. Seem impossible? That’s the magic of Superior Fresh. The first Atlantic salmon farm in the U.S., Superior Fresh, has built one of the world’s most advanced aquaponics growing operations. Their facility includes a 40,000-square-foot steel fish building and 123,000-square-foot greenhouse in West … Continued

Tranquil Table

When life feels overwhelming, remember: there’s a strong connection between food and mood. Keep these attitude-adjusting foods handy when stress strikes for a wave of calming feelings that keep worries at bay.   Bone Broth Did you know intestinal disorders often coincide with depression and anxiety?That’s the gut-brain axis at work. Maintaining a healthy gut … Continued

Kabocha Squash & Brussel Sprouts

Kabocha Squash, Pumpkin’s Sweeter Cousin Only available in the fall, kabocha squash is also known as a Japanese Pumpkin. It is extremely sweet, very rich and nutty tasting, and is unique compared to any other squash out there! It is also easy to cook, and incredibly healthy. Suggested Recipe: Roast cubed kabocha (can leave skin on) and … Continued