Vegan Entrees for the Holiday

Photo credits: The Tofurky Company, Quorn USA, Field Roast

When you’re planning your holiday feast, you may opt for family favorites and traditional recipes. If you have a guest coming who has a special diet, there’s no need to panic or entirely revamp your menu! The co-op has a variety of vegetarian and vegan entrees you can add to your spread to easily include everyone at your table.

Whether your guest is vegetarian, vegan, or has a special diet, Lakewinds has a variety of plant-based entrees (specific items available while supplies last) to make your dinner more inclusive. We’ve done the work so you can choose a vegan entree with confidence. Stop by our frozen department to see our current selection of plant-based roasts, and grab some fresh, scratch-made sides from the deli, too! You can host an inclusive dinner without extra work.

Photo credit: The Tofurky Company

Best Beginners Roast & Stuffing: Tofurky Plant-Based Roast with Wild Rice Stuffing

  • The Tofurky Plant-Based Roast has been a versatile, easy-to-prepare crowd pleaser since 1995.
  • This roast can be cooked on its own or with vegetables using the simple instructions on the box.
    • We recommend adding local Driftless Gem potatoes & Featherstone carrots.
  • This vegan entrée has a texture that’s closest to white meat turkey and is wonderful for leftover sandwiches.
  • The tofurky gravy is sold separately — we recommend adding it!

Photo credit: Field Roast

Best Dark Meat Alternative & Gravy: Field Roast Celebration Roast

  • The Field Roast Celebration Roast is softer and more savory, closer in texture to dark turkey meat.
  • The roast is stuffed with an aromatic sage and garlic stuffing that complements the indulgent meat substitute well.
  • The included porcini mushroom gravy is our choice for best-tasting, easiest-to-prepare vegan gravy — and the provided packet makes 2 cups of it, so there’s extra for mashed potatoes.
    • Try it with an unexpected side like our deli’s marinated mushrooms or warm mixed olives.

Photo credit: Quorn USA

Best Quick & Easy Option: Quorn Meatless Roast (Vegetarian but NOT vegan)

  • The Quorn Meatless Roast is a smaller, vegetarian roast that cooks in just one hour from frozen, making it a great choice for smaller gatherings or last-minute vegetarian guests.
  • This roast is unstuffed and cooked inside a film to keep it exceptionally moist. The end result is a sliceable roast that can perfectly pair with brightly flavored sides.
    • Serve with the deli’s fresh cranberry relish.

Photo credit: Field Roast

Best Showstopper: Field Roast Hazelnut & Cranberry Plant-Based Roast

  • For those wishing to impress, Field Roast’s Hazelnut & Cranberry Plant-Based Roast is one of the most beautiful, delicious vegan entrees.
  • The meat substitute is seasoned with rosemary and ginger and surrounded by a vibrant cranberry hazelnut stuffing, which is all encased in vegan puff pastry.
  • Tip: Brush the pastry with vegan margarine for the last 15 minutes of cooking for a darker, golden crust.
    • This is a savory, indulgent main dish, so you may opt to balance the richness with one of our deli’s freshly made salads as a side.

Photo credit: The Tofurky Company

Best “Something Different” Option: Tofurky Plant-Based Ham Style Roast

  • If turkey isn’t your preference, try Tofurky’s Plant-Based Ham Style Roast.
  • The dense, smoky meat substitute is perfect for leftover sandwiches or can be cubed and added to an egg dish.
  • It comes with a glaze to add while cooking for added flavor and moisture.

There’s no need to revamp your entire holiday meal plan if someone with a special diet is attending. You can easily add vegetarian or vegan entrées (based on their special diet), a deli side, and a vegan dessert (check the frozen aisle for a number of options). Your holiday meal can include your traditional favorites, with these vegan entrees helping make your table welcoming for everyone!

See simple how-to instructions for making a lovely cheese board this season – you can even make a smaller cheese board with vegan or gluten-free items for your guests with special diets.