Tea Time for Wellness

There’s nothing better on a cold midwinter’s day than a soothing cup of hot tea. But besides being a tasty, warming pick-me-up, tea also has a long history of being hailed for its role in improving common health troubles and increasing wellbeing. Wellness teas combine multiple botanicals, herbs, spices, and green tea to provide targeted … Continued

Good Giving: Local & Sustainable Gift Kits

All season Lakewinds shelves are filled with books, linens, gadgets, and other items chosen for their quality, Midwest roots and sustainable sources. Give thoughtfully with kits for everyone on your list. Get Hygge With It Ecklund Organic Scandinavian Runner ($39.99) Lilleknappen Ornament ($13.99) Jules Loft Bird Feeder ($16.99 – 27.99) Cook’s Corner The Sioux Chef’s … Continued

Undead Bread: Heritage Grains Bring Life Back to Carbs

Today’s carbs are often, well, dead. They come overly processed from cheap, fast-growing grains and are frequently the culprits for weight gain and quick energy slumps. But a back-to-heritage trend has been sprouting up amongst local bread makers, farmers and millers. Heritage and sprouted grains, traditionally harvested grasses and less processed bread-making techniques are all … Continued

Green Your Routine with Natural Beauty Products

When it comes to cosmetics, hair and body care, the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day. With drugstore brands and guilty pleasure makeup essentials containing loads of chemical ingredients, we can find ourselves lathering up with a lot of mystery. There is minimal regulation of body care ingredients—while the European … Continued

Local Cheese and Apple Pairings

In-season apples and cheeses are a juicy-but-savory flavor match, made even better by being locally grown or crafted. Welcome fall with the tastes of mouth-puckering crispness paired with sharp cheesy bites by following our flavor pairings, or let your combinations roam freely.   Zestar!® – Whistling Well Farm* Pair with: Chevriotte by Montchevre Taste Profile: Crisp, … Continued

8 Healthy Ways to Use Turmeric

With a warm, somewhat bitter taste, turmeric is often the main spice in Asian dishes but is actually amazing for every day use. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a must for natural inflammation relief such as heartburn, joint and stomach pain, skin inflammations and much more. Use these easy, healthy ways to get turmeric into … Continued

Eco-Friendly (And Easier Lunch) Lunchbox Tools and Tips

We love reusable containers multifunctional tools and packaging-free foods for any school (or work) lunchbox. Keep things eco-friendly and make packing (and carrying) lunches easier for everyone–See our top picks for new items in stores and just why we love them!   U-Konserve Stainless Steels Leak-Proof Nesting Trio All three metal containers with fitted plastic lids … Continued

Happy Campers: Portable Proteins for Outdoor Adventures

We have smart grab-and-go protein solutions for summer days on-the-go! These hand-held options are easy to transport and come in single serving sizes for perfect portions. Take one (or all of them) on your next outdoor adventure! Good Culture Single serve organic cottage cheese made with natural ingredients. At 150 calories a serving, less than 6g … Continued

Super-Clean Choices for Skin, Beauty and Peace of Mind

A good ingredient list should be short and familiar. That’s especially true with bodycare products, which are notorious for No-Nos like artificial fragrances, parabens, synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, and other chemical additives. After all, what we put on our bodies should be as safe as what we put in. So keep it clean! With Lakewinds, you don’t have to worry. We choose all our products based on strict … Continued