Sweet Evaluations: A Vegan Ice Cream Review

Ice cream is THE summertime dessert classic. Enjoy it after a meal or as a special treat all by itself. Share it with family and friends or reward yourself with a scoop or two after yardwork. Indulge in a smooth and creamy classic like vanilla or chocolate, or grab a pint loaded with salted caramel, cookie dough, or chocolate chunks. Ice cream is something nearly everyone loves — and it’s no wonder why! But for those following a plant-based diet or just trying to cut down on their dairy intake, the paltry selection of vegan ice cream in major grocery stores have traditionally been cloistered away on the bottom shelf, frosty and forgotten. At Lakewinds we carry over 30 flavors of plant-based ice cream, from vanilla to chocolate sandwich cookie with peanut butter swirl. Here are some of our top picks that will leave your guests (and your tummy) asking for another scoop.

Best Vanilla Vegan Ice Cream

So Delicious Dairy Free “Very Vanilla”

Made with cashew milk, this creamy, rather dense vegan ice cream boasts strong vanilla flavor, thanks to being made from real vanilla extract, which sets it apart from other vegan ice creams. The taste is bold enough to be enjoyed topped with fresh strawberries, Watkins sprinkles, or dairy-free chocolate shavings without being overpowered, but still versatile enough to be used in ice cream cake or sandwich recipes.

$6.99 per pint

  • Certified vegan & gluten free
  • Certified B-Corp, U Pareve, and Non-GMO project verified

Best Chocolate Plant-Based Ice Cream

Cado Avocado Frozen Dessert Non-Dairy “Deep Dark Chocolate”

For chocolate lovers only! The richness and all-round decadence of this frosty treat cannot be overstated. Packed with natural chocolate flavor from organic cocoa powder and organic vanilla extra, this frozen dessert is avocado based, which may help explain its creaminess and heft. Lighten the experience (if desired) with some fresh raspberries or blend with Willa’s Oat Milk for a truly indulgent shake.

$7.49 per pint

  • Certified organic
  • Certified K Pareve and Non-GMO project verified

Best Salted Caramel Vegan Ice Cream

The Original Oatly “Salted Caramel”

This oat-based frozen confection is a little lighter and subtler than other versions of the classic flavor. The caramel flavor is nostalgic and complex, not overly sweet or brown sugar tasting. Take it out of the freezer 5 minutes prior to eating for a texture similar to soft serve. Try combining with shredded coconut and crushed banana chips from the bulk aisle for a tropical twist.

$5.49 per pint

  • Certified vegan & gluten free
  • Certified U Pareve and Non-GMO project verified
  • Glyphosate residue free
  • Certified sourcing: Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Best Loaded Flavor

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy “Peanut Butter & Cookies”

For those who enjoy their ice cream with PLENTY of goodies packed inside, this chocolate sandwich cookie with peanut butter swirl concoction is not to be missed! Ben & Jerry’s has been making delicious ice cream for decades, so it’s no surprise that their dairy-free versions are top notch. The oat milk vanilla cookies and creme base is evenly filled with soft, chewy chocolate sandwich cookies, and a thin ribbon of rich peanut butter swirl. No need to top these scoops — they brought their own.

$6.49 per pint

  • Certified vegan
  • Certified K Pareve and Non-GMO project verified

Sorbet Honorable Mentions

Talenti Dairy-Free Sorbetto “Alphonso Mango”

If you’re missing mangoes when they’re out of season, grab a pint of this bright, flavorful sorbet. The taste of mango is so strong you’ll swear you’re eating a freshly made smoothie.

Sharon’s Sorbet “Lemon”

It doesn’t get any lighter than this! If you’re looking for the perfect dairy-free palette cleaners in the heat of summer, reach for this pint of pleasingly sour and sweet sorbet. Try a scoop with some prosecco and fresh berries for a sophisticated dessert.

Pitaya Foods Functional Sorbet — Multiple Flavors

You may know this brand from their convenient smoothie packs, but did you know they make sorbet, too? Available in Dragon Fruit, Coconut, and Passion Fruit, these sorbets are a wonderful treat for those looking to add more functional foods to their diet.

Looking for another vegan dessert? Make our vegan mocha mousse.