The Core of Local Apples

Apple season in Minnesota is the epitome of local flavor. Across the state and throughout the produce department, local apples abound. But what’s the story behind the crisp, juicy fruits we love so much? Local apple growers give us the in-cider scoop! WHISTLING WELL FARM Hastings, MN Located in the rolling hills of Washington County, … Continued

Lunch Ideas for Back to School and Fall Routines

The fall is a great time to get into your new groove: Vacations have wrapped. School’s in session. Work is full steam ahead. But when schedules fill up and time is at a premium, making nutritious lunches can feel like one more thing you don’t have time for. Here are some lunch ideas for back … Continued

10 Morning Routine Tips to Make Your Day Better

The alarm goes off and you’re off to the races: making breakfast, packing lunches, getting showered, preparing for the day. If your mornings leave you feeling frazzled, here are some tips from the team at the co-op! Help your morning routine be a little easier and smoother, so you start your day calm, cool, and … Continued

Lakewinds & Neighborhood Forest: A Partnership for the Planet

Giving back to the community isn’t just an important part of Lakewinds’ mission, it’s something you support every time you shop at the co-op. Throughout the year, our co-op makes sponsorship-level monetary donations to local nonprofits whose work relates to sustainability and equity in the food system, education about nutrition, or the environment. One such … Continued

New at the Co-op, August 2021

It’s time once more to share what’s new at the co-op! We’re still enjoying summer here at Lakewinds, but school is just around the corner. We’ve added a number of new items to help you and your family transition back into the fall routine. Every new addition to our shelves is held to the high … Continued

Lakewinds Shoppers Give Back: Small Donations, Big Change

“Would you like to round up today?” You’ve probably heard it when shopping at the co-op, but what effect do your donations of a few cents at a time really have? The truth is those small repeated acts of generosity have added up to more good than you may realize. Over the years, our Community … Continued

New at the Co-op, July 2021

Check out what’s new for July! We’ve got some fun items this month, including frozen pasta sauce from a favorite local restaurant and two (!) kinds of edible cookie dough. Every new product on our shelves meets our high benchmarks for quality, safety, and sustainability. That means: No ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup or bleached … Continued

Ditching Plastic with HiBAR Co-Founder Nora Schaper

Have you ever wondered why shampoo comes in big plastic bottles? While it’s typical, it isn’t necessary; all the liquid ingredients found in shampoos and conditioners are available in solid form. Plastic bottles mean excess waste for consumers and extra costs for manufacturers. If ditching plastic is the answer, what’s the alternative? Enter Nora Schaper, … Continued

New at the Co-op, June 2021

It’s time for our monthly recap of new items at the co-op! For June we’ve added a whole bunch of wonderful new items, including new brands and flavors of dairy-free yogurts and cheese alternatives, refreshing new kombuchas and ginger juices perfect for summer sipping, and hiking snacks for almost every diet. Check out the highlights … Continued