Tea Time for Wellness

There’s nothing better on a cold midwinter’s day than a soothing cup of hot tea. But besides being a tasty, warming pick-me-up, tea also has a long history of being hailed for its role in improving common health troubles and increasing wellbeing. Wellness teas combine multiple botanicals, herbs, spices, and green tea to provide targeted … Continued

Paleo Deli

Pictured: Moroccan Chicken Do you Paleo? This diet is based on the notion that for optimal health, modern humans should go back to eating real, whole, and unprocessed foods. While finding the time to cook from scratch can be hard, that’s where Lakewinds Deli comes in. We have many Paleo-friendly prepared foods to grab and … Continued

Tranquil Table

When life feels overwhelming, remember: there’s a strong connection between food and mood. Keep these attitude-adjusting foods handy when stress strikes for a wave of calming feelings that keep worries at bay.   Bone Broth Did you know intestinal disorders often coincide with depression and anxiety?That’s the gut-brain axis at work. Maintaining a healthy gut … Continued

8 Healthy Ways to Use Turmeric

With a warm, somewhat bitter taste, turmeric is often the main spice in Asian dishes but is actually amazing for every day use. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a must for natural inflammation relief such as heartburn, joint and stomach pain, skin inflammations and much more. Use these easy, healthy ways to get turmeric into … Continued

Do-It-Yourself Tostadas With Locally Grown Toppings

A fun, gluten-free dinner with changeable toppings (we recommended produce that is in-season and freshly grown from our favorite farmers) for picky eaters and vegan or vegetarian diets alike. Get frying and top your tostadas with both hearty and light toppings for a delicious mix of protein, carbs, veggies and healthy fats.   Ingredients Corn tortillas … Continued

Salad Science: Healthy Kitchen ‘Experiments’ For Kids

Plants need different times and climates to grow and develop their flavor—that’s why you’ll only find certain produce at certain times. Eating in-season ensures the best taste, and veggies don’t travel as far to your plate, so they’re more planet-friendly. Ready to experiment with the season’s best stuff? Assemble a delicious salad using only what’s … Continued

Happy Campers: Portable Proteins for Outdoor Adventures

We have smart grab-and-go protein solutions for summer days on-the-go! These hand-held options are easy to transport and come in single serving sizes for perfect portions. Take one (or all of them) on your next outdoor adventure! Good Culture Single serve organic cottage cheese made with natural ingredients. At 150 calories a serving, less than 6g … Continued

Super-Clean Choices for Skin, Beauty and Peace of Mind

A good ingredient list should be short and familiar. That’s especially true with bodycare products, which are notorious for No-Nos like artificial fragrances, parabens, synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, and other chemical additives. After all, what we put on our bodies should be as safe as what we put in. So keep it clean! With Lakewinds, you don’t have to worry. We choose all our products based on strict … Continued

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Veggies to Grab While They’re Local

We asked some Lakewinds moms and dads about favorite veggies that kids will actually eat. Watch for these veggies to appear in stores as they come into season. We love teaching kids about local produce, why it isn’t always available, the farmers who grow safe food for us, and how eating veggies can be fun!   … Continued