Winter Squash 101

Here at Lakewinds, we’re all about getting cozy and comfy as the winter months arrive. What better way to settle in than make a delicious recipe using winter squash? Though a humble fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!), squash is very versatile and enhances the flavor of many dishes. What are winter squash? Winter squash come … Continued

7 Ways to Use Plant-Based Protein Powder

Protein powders provide an easy, versatile way to get the necessary amount of protein in your diet. Over the last 5 years, the number of plant-based protein powders has grown at a much faster rate than animal or dairy-based powders. Some people prefer plant-based powders for their lesser effect on the environment, some choose them … Continued

Top 5 Essential Oil Blends for Fall

It’s official. Summer’s a wrap! And we all know what’s next. Along with fresh, crisp fall air and beautiful colors we wrestle with schedule changes, new routines, and, sadly, cough-and-cold season. To help your body and mind adjust, here are our top 5 essential oil blends for fall. Mental Clarity It can be hard to … Continued

Serene Skin, Simple Steps

Hi, I’m Emily (@ereyayouknowme)! I claim to be a normal woman who is on the internet a lot but IRL very much an introvert. Skincare became an outlet for me to set aside time every day to exercise self-care, to wind down aft er a typical stressful day, and a way to invest in myself. … Continued

Sustainable Shopping Guide

  April 22nd is the day we come together to honor Mother Earth. But at Lakewinds we believe in making planet-friendly choices all year round. Every day is an opportunity to take less, reuse more, and shrink our environmental footprint. Here are just some of the ways we make sustainable shopping easy for owners and … Continued

Get to Know Fortune Fish & Gourmet

Meat Counter Confidential A local institution, Coastal Seafoods has supplied Lakewinds with the highest quality fish and seafood for many years, while helping us uphold the ethical and sustainable practices our owners expect. Last year, Coastal was purchased by Fortune Fish & Gourmet, a Chicago-based distributor committed to the same high standards and practices. While … Continued

Tea Time for Wellness

There’s nothing better on a cold midwinter’s day than a soothing cup of hot tea. But besides being a tasty, warming pick-me-up, tea also has a long history of being hailed for its role in improving common health troubles and increasing wellbeing. Wellness teas combine multiple botanicals, herbs, spices, and green tea to provide targeted … Continued

Paleo Deli

Pictured: Moroccan Chicken Do you Paleo? This diet is based on the notion that for optimal health, modern humans should go back to eating real, whole, and unprocessed foods. While finding the time to cook from scratch can be hard, that’s where Lakewinds Deli comes in. We have many Paleo-friendly prepared foods to grab and … Continued

Tranquil Table

When life feels overwhelming, remember: there’s a strong connection between food and mood. Keep these attitude-adjusting foods handy when stress strikes for a wave of calming feelings that keep worries at bay.   Bone Broth Did you know intestinal disorders often coincide with depression and anxiety?That’s the gut-brain axis at work. Maintaining a healthy gut … Continued