What are Bitters?

Bitters are having a comeback! Traditionally used in cocktails, their use is expanding to a number of areas, from functional drinks and mocktails to desserts. What are bitters? Bitters are concentrated extracts or tinctures that are made by infusing or muddling botanicals or aromatics, such as roots, herbs, barks, flowers, or fruit peels. These tinctures … Continued

Eco-friendly Products to Help You Live Sustainably

Earth Day is the perfect time to assess your eco-friendly habits. Whether you’re composting, aiming to drive less and walk and bike more, working to conserve water, or using less plastic, there are lots of small ways to live more sustainably. As the quote from chef and author Anne Marie Bonneau goes, “We don’t need a … Continued

8 Winter Activities to Counter Cabin Fever

December is full of anticipation: brisk air, fresh snow, and celebrations to enjoy. But by late January, even the biggest winter-lovers among us can experience cabin fever. We’ve gathered ideas for winter activities and items from the co-op that can help you not only survive the short, cold days and long nights, but actually thrive. … Continued

10 Tips for Healthy Sleep Hygiene

When schedules get busy, you might stay up later than usual or get up early to compensate. Before you know it, sleep can get out of whack. With a few simple behavior changes during the day, you can restore your restful routine faster. Here are 10 ideas to help improve your sleep hygiene, so you … Continued

Gift Ideas that Give Back

Facing your holiday to-do and shopping lists? Make gift-giving easier with inspired and original presents that can be found as close by as the co-op! Lakewinds employees and family members recommend some of their favorite gift ideas, with a focus on supporting women artisans, helping the environment, and strengthening local businesses. With presents that do … Continued

The Benefits of Magnesium

You may have heard about the benefits of magnesium. It’s one of the most abundant minerals found in your body and is tied to several vital body functions like energy production, regulating blood pressure, and muscle contraction. However, there are also 11 different kinds and each is tied to different functions, so figuring out what … Continued

The Best Protein Shake for Your Lifestyle

DIY shakes are a great way to add extra protein to your diet. But there are a lot of options to choose from, so getting started can be overwhelming. The best protein shake is the one that gives you what you need and that you’ll actually drink. It won’t help if you can’t stand the … Continued

Summer Essentials and Supplements for Hydration

The wait for summer is over and sunny, warm days are here! Wherever your summer fun takes you, our wellness department has items to help you feel your best, inside and out. Here’s a rundown of favorites selected by our Wellness team, from supplements for hydration to moisturizing lip balms. All of the items follow … Continued

5 Hot Drinks with Functional Ingredients

When the temperature drops, hot drinks can help you stay warm, inside out. These hot drinks are made co-op style, with functional ingredients such as golden milk, matcha powder, elderberry, and more. From vegan hot chocolate to rose milk, try one of these recipes for a mug full of warmth that also supports your well-being. … Continued