10 Tips for Healthy Sleep Hygiene

When schedules get busy, you might stay up later than usual or get up early to compensate. Before you know it, sleep can get out of whack. With a few simple behavior changes during the day, you can restore your restful routine faster. Here are 10 ideas to help improve your sleep hygiene, so you have brighter days.

Sleep Hygiene Tips for the Morning

1. Start Early

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Each morning, try to wake up at same time and get some sunlight exposure. Moderate morning exercise is ideal. Even a 30 minute-walk can help you sleep better that night. Remember to dress in layers and keep an eye on the forecast so you’re prepared for the changing weather!

2. Energize with scents.

As an alternative to caffeine, essential oils like peppermint, sweet orange, or Uplift blend can provide a lift when you feel sluggish. Pranarom’s Mental Clarity blend is another favorite. Put a few drops on your palms, rub them together, bring to your nose and breathe deeply.

3. Avoid afternoon caffeine.

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That late afternoon latté can impede your sleep at bedtime. When you need a pick-me-up, try stretching, a brisk walk, or a non-caffeinated drink that promotes grounded awareness, such as local Sacred Blossom Tiger blend or Rishi blueberry hibiscus tea. For a cool alternative, try local Hobby Farmer Switchel Fizz in cinnamon or turmeric.

Sleep Hygiene Tips for the Evening

4. Consider blue light glasses.

Shutting down electronics at least a half hour before bedtime can aid your sleep. But if you must be on your computer or phone, blue light glasses, like those from Peepers, help filter out stimulating blue light, so your brain eases into sleep faster.

5.Write out your worries.

If you’re feeling anxious or have a daunting to-do list, grab your notebook and pen. Get your worries down on paper and (hopefully) off your mind. Beautiful notebooks by Denik make it a pleasure.

6. Sip calming drinks.

The process of heating water, steeping tea, and sitting down with a warm mug in your hands can help you mentally switch gears. Find a variety of decaffeinated teas in the bulk and packaged tea aisle, such as Nighty Night, Bedtime, Stress Relief, or chamomile-lavender teas, for soothing nighttime choices. Get cozy, wind down, rest easy.

7. Begin your bedtime routine early.

At least a half hour before you want to sleep, start your routine. Wash your face, brush your teeth, put on pajamas, and start to quiet down for the day. You can add calming products to your routine — like soothing Badger Sleep Balm with lavender, bergamot, and balsam fir.

8. Focus on relaxation.

Other calming activities before bed can help you sleep better, too. Whether it’s a warm bath or guided meditation, doing a calming personal activity before bed can help you sleep more deeply. For extra bath-time Zen, add Aura Cacia lavender mineral bath salts.

9. Use calming oils.

Essential oils are great for relaxation, too. Lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage, bergamot, rose, and jasmine have been found to promote a sense of calm. Oil blends from Pranarom — like Down Time, Meditation, Tranquility, and Sleep Aid — make it easy. You can use them in an air diffuser; put a few drops on a reusable cotton round, then place it in your pillow case; or put drops on and wear a sleep mask.

10. Try sleep-supporting supplements.

Numerous supplements can help support better sleep, including melatonin, valerian root, and more. Visit the wellness department for more information.


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Updated in August, 2023.