Garlic Scapes and How to Use Them

Garlic scapes are one of our favorite local veggies here at the co-op. If you’ve never tried these crunchy, garlicky stalks before, now is the perfect time. It’s also the only time, as they’re available for a limited window in spring and early summer. Now’s your chance to dig in! Garlic scapes explained These long, … Continued

Spotlight on: The Lakewinds Deli

Some nights, you’re just not in the mood to cook. Maybe you’re short on time before heading to a kid’s sports event. Or it’s a beautiful day, and you’d rather take a walk before dinner than spend time in the kitchen. Whatever the reason, when you need a meal (fast!) but want something made with … Continued

10 Tips for Healthy Sleep Hygiene

When schedules get busy, you might stay up later than usual or get up early to compensate. Before you know it, sleep can get out of whack. With a few simple behavior changes during the day, you can restore your restful routine faster. Here are 10 ideas to help improve your sleep hygiene, so you … Continued

Wild Ramps and How to Use Them

It’s springtime, which means the cold is retreating, the sun is staying out longer, and green is making its triumphant return to the landscape! One of the first wild plants to sprout in the Midwest also happens to be one of the most delicious: wild ramps. These oddly named veggies are highly sought after by … Continued

Healthy Soil In 5 Easy Steps

Healthy soil is an important part of our planet’s health and happiness. For such a vital pillar of environmentalism, it often doesn’t get as much attention as other important issues like reducing waste and fuel emissions. Yet, without healthy soil we can’t grow organic produce or raise healthy animals. Without healthy soil our beautiful green … Continued

Mother’s Day Top Picks for Every Mom

Remember that time you drew all over her living room with crayons? Or that time you ran away at the mall and mom sprouted a few gray hairs? Yeah, you owe her one. Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of our top co-op picks to show mom how much you appreciate … Continued

Spring Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Written by: Amy Haggerty – Lakewinds Marketing Specialist Spring is finally here (please?) and that means it’s time for bike rides around the lake, barbecuing with friends and deep cleaning your home from top to bottom. Yes, it’s Spring Cleaning time! That wonderful (to some) time of the year when we attempt to rid ourselves of the … Continued