Mother’s Day Top Picks for Every Mom

Remember that time you drew all over her living room with crayons? Or that time you ran away at the mall and mom sprouted a few gray hairs? Yeah, you owe her one.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of our top co-op picks to show mom how much you appreciate her (and her seemingly infinite patience):

  • For every mom: What mom wouldn’t love breakfast in bed? It’s one of the simplest ideas that the whole family can be involved in.
    • Breakfast in bed kit:
      • Packaged pancake mix
      • Just Coffee Lakewinds Blend
      • Local maple syrup
      • Hope Creamery butter
      • Fresh local tulips
  • For the tea lover: Create a custom blend from the bulk aisle based on mom’s preference: floral, herbal, spicy and/or sweet.
    • DIY Tea Kit:
      • Chamomile, rose hips, raspberry leaf, peppermint and star anise.
      • Combine in a jar and tie with twine and a tag.
      • Add a mug, local honey and tea bags.
  • For the body care enthusiast: One of our favorite local skin care brands, SunLeaf Naturals has new products for mom to love as well as old favorites! Their sustainable plant-based products include bath and body oils, Bee-Friendly Honey Soap, moisture sticks, perfumes and more made with essential oil blends to help soothe, uplift, balance and rejuvenate your mom.
  • For the mom who kept all of your elementary school art projects: Do-it-yourself. Aura Cacia has a list of easy DIY recipes to help mom relax–including foot soaks, skin masks and more. Click here for recipes
  • For the culinary wizard: Or not. She doesn’t have to be a master chef to delight in artfully crafted kitchen ware like Duluth based Epicurean’s eco-friendly cutting boards or Bambeco’s recycled glasses and pitchers, perfect for every occasion.