Gift Basket Ideas from the Co-op

We all want to buy that “just right” gift, but sometimes we’re stumped! Let us take the pressure off with helpful gift basket ideas! (No actual baskets required.) Make their holiday with a bundle of sustainably made, thoughtfully selected items from the co-op. From kids to foodies, from friends to family, we help you check off everyone on your gift list in one stop, with unique ideas they’ll appreciate.

Localvore Gift Basket

Share your love of local with delicious, special food from artisanal makers. These gifts delight the taste buds while supporting local food makers, small business owners, and the local food economy.

  • Gift Basket with Local Foods
  • Beez Kneez honey

A gift that promotes happy people and healthy pollinators, too. Local Beez Kneez honey is extracted from honeycombs using a pedal-powered “honey cycle” at their farm in western Wisconsin. Grocery | $12.99 Locally Made or Grown

  • Eichten’s bison summer sausage

Bison summer sausage is delicious, protein packed and low in fat. Its smoky, tangy flavor pairs well with sharp cheddar and grapes. Meat | $17.99/lb

  • Red Lake Nation wild rice Locally Made or Grown

The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians grows and harvests this wild rice as part of their commitment to producing unique products that honor their cultural traditions. Grocery | $6.99 – $8.99 and Bulk | $7.99/lb Locally Made or Grown

  • Fika coffee

Eye-opening artisanal coffees roasted in Lutsen in small batches. “Fika” means “a moment of quiet indulgence in an otherwise hectic day.” Grocery | $11.99 – $25.99 Locally Made or Grown

  • Local cheeses

Find a wide array of local cheese at the deli. From goat cheese to cheddar, blue cheese to brie, we have a variety of world-class local cheeses your loved one is sure to enjoy (and that support local farmers as a bonus). Deli (prices vary) Locally Made or Grown

Baker’s Gift Basket

Wintertime is baking time. Mixing bowls, a beautiful cookbook, baking mixes and unique flours are all ways to feed the passion of bakers on your list.

Gift Basket Ideas for Bakers

  • Mason Cash baking ware

These traditional kitchen staples were first made in 1800. Today, you can find beautiful mixing bowls, pie dishes, and cooking utensils at the co-op. Seasonal gifts | $6.99-$24.99

  • Baking mixes, like Coconut Whisk

Sometimes it’s fun to bake but time is short. Add a baking mix for artisan bread, muffins, or cookies to the gift basket, so your loved one can enjoy homemade treats, faster. Grocery (prices vary)

  • Cookbooks

Wintertime is the perfect time to try new recipes and cooking techniques. The co-op has a wide selection of ever-changing cookbooks, including for special diets, using local ingredients, and created by local chefs and authors. Gifts | $14-$40

  • Specialty flours & sprinkles

Add in a few other fun items for baking. Options include naturally colored sprinkles and local flours made from Kernza® perennial grains or hazelnuts.

Kids Gift Basket

Treat the littles on your list with books by local authors, colorful puzzles and wooden toys, and bright, cozy outdoor wear.

Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

  • Little Wooden Wonders

Made in Chanhassen, these handmade wooden toys provide old-fashioned enjoyment. 100% chemical-free, lead-free, and biodegradable. Seasonal gifts | $20.99 Locally Made or Grown

  • Skida hats

Hats, headbands, and neckwear made from recycled materials when possible, with patterns that maximize fabric use for minimal waste. Seasonal gifts | $21.99 – $35.99

  • More for kids

There’s a rotating supply of kids books, puzzles, and eco-friendly toys, like Luke’s Toys, which are award-winning, U.S.-made, BPA-and phtalate-free 3D stacking puzzles.

Home Gift Basket

Kitchen items make perfect gifts, something you know people will enjoy using year-round. From cutting boards and linens to mugs and reusable food storage, we’ve gathered ideas for the food lovers in your life.

Sustainable Home Gift Basket

  • Mugs

The co-op has a variety of unique mugs to add to your gift basket. There’s a changing inventory, but current items include handcrafted, local mugs made by Brickyard Pottery in Shell Lake, Wisconsin. Seasonal gifts (prices vary)Locally Made or Grown

  • Stasher bags

Reusable silicone bags are durable and reusable, helping eliminate single-use plastics. They can go in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, even the oven! Grocery | $10-$30

  • Bee’s Wrap

Another eco-friendly gift basket idea is reusable food storage from Bee’s Wrap. It keeps food fresh and can be used over and over (and finally composted when you’re done), eliminating plastic use. Grocery | $7.99-$17.99

  • More for the home

Peruse the aisles and you’ll find a variety of items for your gift basket. Consider adding linens, eco-friendly food storage, bamboo reusable flatware, or cutting boards.

Self-care Gift Basket

Everyone could use more time to rest and relax. This winter, give the gift of precious “me” time: hand moisturizer, bath salts, face masks, tea, and gummies that promote restful sleep.

  • Roots Essential bath salts

This woman-owned local company makes clean body care products, including fragrant bath salts that support relaxation and well-being. Wellness | $9.99 Locally Made or Grown

Local teas, such as Rishi, WellCova, or Sacred Blossom, are soothing and delicious — self-care from the inside out. Grocery | $7.99 – $14.99 Locally Made or Grown

  • More self-care items

There are numerous lovely, luxurious items that help your loved one take care of themselves. Consider face masks to hydrate skin, candles to add a bit of warmth and calming vibes, gummies that promote sleep, and lovely hand creams that repair and protect skin.

Fair Trade Gift Basket

Be sure your gifts support the safety, dignity, and prosperity of workers and a healthy environment as well. With these Fair Trade-certified choices, you don’t have to guess.

Fair Trade Gift Basket Ideas

  • Peace coffee

Local and B Corp-certified, Peace Coffee has long-term partnerships with farmer co-ops to purchase organic coffee beans at fair prices.
Grocery | $11.49 – $12.99 and Bulk | $13.49/lb – $15.99/lb Locally Made or Grown

  • Fair Anita

These sustainably stylish items are made from recycled materials by a local company that empowers women artisans around the world by paying fair wages. Gifts | $7.99 – $35.99 Locally Made or Grown

  • Eco Lips

This organic, local lip care is as clean as it comes: made with plastic-free packaging in a facility powered by solar. Wellness | $2.49 – $5.79 Locally Made or Grown

  • DZI felted ornament

More than 1,000 artisans in Nepal and India make hand-felted wool ornaments and other craft items, providing makers with economic stability. Seasonal gifts | $8-$30

  • More Fair Trade items

All of the chocolate found at Lakewinds is Fair Trade Certified or from companies that prohibit child labor and other unfair labor practices. You and your loved ones can enjoy this chocolate, assured that farmers and workers who helped bring it to you have been justly, fairly compensated. You can also stay warm and cozy this winter with woolens at the co-op. Andes scarves and mittens are handmade in Peru by Indigenous women artisans who are part of knitting cooperatives, helping build economic security for families who live in the Andes Mountains.

Make your holiday easier by picking up lovely, unique, thoughtful gift baskets while you’re doing your grocery run. Give gifts you and your loved ones can feel good about, with items that are Fair Trade, locally made, or eco-friendly!

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