Natural Wellness Ideas for Winter

The first three months of the year in Minnesota can be some of the toughest to feel well and stay healthy. The dry air, biting cold and lack of sunshine can really take a toll. However, there are some simple, natural ways that can help you endure the winter months. Here are some natural wellness ideas that might help soothe your cracked lips, respiratory discomfort and chapped skin – or simply help you get through the cold weather season.

Tea (Chamomile, licorice root, ginger): Sometimes it feels good to just wrap your hands around a warm mug of tea. It wards off the chill of the season and boosts a cozy feeling that you only can experience in mid-winter. We love Mrs. Kelly’s Tea, Rishi and Tea Source.

Cider Vinegar (Fire Cider): Feeling brave? Maybe you already make your own cider vinegar from ingredients like horseradish, garlic, onion, ginger and chili pepper, infused in apple cider vinegar and then strained and sweetened with honey. Otherwise you can try Fire Cider found in the Wellness Department. There are a number of recipes for this traditional folk medicine online – some people add other herbs, spices or citrus to their concoction. Do you have a favorite recipe to share?

Elderberries: These are a native food grown in Minnesota during the summer months that support bronchial and respiratory function. They can be stored frozen for months and made into sweet syrup that your kids might actually enjoy taking!

  • Elderberry info:
  • Easy-to-make elderberry syrup:

Honey: Research continues into the benefits of honey, including respiratory support. Lakewinds carries many local varieties, including Ames and Minnetonka Gold. Add a teaspoon to a steaming cup of ginger tea or take a spoonful for bronchial and respiratory discomfort. (Please note: never feed honey to children younger than 1 year old.)

Cinnamon, Ginger and Lemon: Adding a dash of any one of these spices to a hot cup of water or tea tastes great and can be used as a tonic to support sinuses and digestion.

Please note: None of these suggestions are intended to replace the recommendations of your medical professional. Influenza can be a life-threatening illness, particularly for the elderly and very young. Please seek professional medical attention if you are experiencing any influenza symptoms.

Skin & Lip Care: Winter weather is brutal on skin. Here are some natural wellness ideas that might help.

  • Weleda Skin Food or Regenerating Hand Cream permeates dry, chapped hands.
    • At bedtime, apply hand cream and then put on moisturizing hand gloves to let hands heal while you sleep.
  • Aura Cacia Nourishing Cocoa Butter. This rich cocoa butter helps hydrate dry skin.
  • Lip Balm: Lakewinds makes a number of lip balms to help heal chapped lips.

Winter’s in full swing, and it can start to drag you down. Use some natural wellness to help you endure the winter months and help soothe dry skin, chapped lips and for bronchial discomfort.