Grilling Steak

Tips for Perfectly Grilling Steak

Grilling a mouth-watering, top-shelf cut of beef is easier than you think! Get a perfect char and tender, juicy meat by following these four steps when you’re grilling steak.

  1. Season liberally with sea salt and pepper … and that’s it. You don’t need additional flavors when you’re cooking a premium bone-in steak.
  2. Bring your steaks to room temperature before cooking. This reduces cooking time and prevents them from drying out.
  3. Keep one side of your grill piping hot for charring. After your steaks are browned, move them to the cooler side to gently cook until they reach the desired temp.
  4. Let steaks rest for 8-10 minutes after they’re done. This allows the fat to congeal a bit, so juices don’t run out as soon as you cut in.

Why go for bone-in when grilling steak?

Grilling steak over an open flame gives beef a wonderful char and smoky flavor, but it can also dry out your steaks if you’re not careful. Because bones heat up slower, the meat next to them stays juicy while the rest of the steak cooks. Look for bone-in porterhouse, T-bones, and rib-eyes at the Lakewinds meat counter!

Looking for a side dish? Whip up a zesty cucumber salad while you wait for your steaks to come to room temp. The slightly sweet mustard-lemon dressing combines with crunchy vegetables like peppery radishes and juicy bell peppers — a tasty compliment to savory grilled meats.

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