Sustainable Shopping Guide

  April 22nd is the day we come together to honor Mother Earth. But at Lakewinds we believe in making planet-friendly choices all year round. Every day is an opportunity to take less, reuse more, and shrink our environmental footprint. Here are just some of the ways we make sustainable shopping easy for owners and … Continued

Good Giving: Local & Sustainable Gift Kits

All season Lakewinds shelves are filled with books, linens, gadgets, and other items chosen for their quality, Midwest roots and sustainable sources. Give thoughtfully with kits for everyone on your list. Get Hygge With It Ecklund Organic Scandinavian Runner ($39.99) Lilleknappen Ornament ($13.99) Jules Loft Bird Feeder ($16.99 – 27.99) Cook’s Corner The Sioux Chef’s … Continued

DIY TLC: Homemade Wellness Gifts

How do you show you really care? Homemade personal care gifts made from pure, natural ingredients you can find in our aisles. Bottle up your own with these simply wonderful wellness recipes.   After-Ski Body Scrub Helps ease sore muscles, exfoliates and softens dry skin. Ingredients 4 oz jar 1 cup Epsom salt 1 cup … Continued

Green Your Routine with Natural Beauty Products

When it comes to cosmetics, hair and body care, the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day. With drugstore brands and guilty pleasure makeup essentials containing loads of chemical ingredients, we can find ourselves lathering up with a lot of mystery. There is minimal regulation of body care ingredients—while the European … Continued

Super-Clean Choices for Skin, Beauty and Peace of Mind

A good ingredient list should be short and familiar. That’s especially true with bodycare products, which are notorious for No-Nos like artificial fragrances, parabens, synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, and other chemical additives. After all, what we put on our bodies should be as safe as what we put in. So keep it clean! With Lakewinds, you don’t have to worry. We choose all our products based on strict … Continued

Cold Press Concentrate and Concoctions

Summer’s official start is just around the corner, but by now most of us have made the switch from hot morning coffee to cold and refreshing iced drinks. Brewing cold press at home can sound like a science experiment, but it’s easier than it seems. Cold press is just a concentrated coffee mixture made with room temperature … Continued

Co-op Match & Mixology

Our grab and go beverage aisle is a sea of refreshing possibilities. With so many flavors of kombucha, sparkling water, teas, and sodas, there is always something new and thirst quenching to try. Sipping on those beverages, the thought may cross your mind––What would make this drink even more special? You guessed it. Alcohol, fancy glasses, … Continued

Supplement Starter Kits

Whether you are looking to boost your energy or target specific nutrients, supplement assortments can be overwhelming. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you establish a supplement routine, no matter what your level of experience. Supplements for Beginners Starting out a basic supplement routine can be beneficial to overall health. The supplements many folks choose … Continued

Smoky Shrimp & Cauliflower Skewers

Deep down, Minnesotans have a special bond with snacks on sticks. Our summer love for the convenience of utensil-less eating doesn’t have to end when the snow falls. There exists a secret weapon for the host/ess with the most/ess; skewers. The skewer is the cousin to the stick we know and love, but skewers can be served … Continued