Cold Press Concentrate and Concoctions

Summer’s official start is just around the corner, but by now most of us have made the switch from hot morning coffee to cold and refreshing iced drinks. Brewing cold press at home can sound like a science experiment, but it’s easier than it seems. Cold press is just a concentrated coffee mixture made with room temperature water and brewed for a longer time. This process significantly lowers the acidity and bitterness, keeps up the caffeine content, and can last a couple weeks in your fridge without that stale coffee taste. Skip the line, save a couple bucks, and whip up a batch of your own smooth cold press concentrate at home.

There are a couple ways to accomplish the perfect concentrate (read on below). The magic ratio is 1 part coarsely ground coffee to 7 parts room temperature water. In your container, let the grounds soak for 12-18 hours before straining, refrigerating, diluting and enjoying.


Mason Jar & Filter Method:

In a quart jar:

  • Add ½ coarsely ground coffee
  • Fill jar to the top with room temperature water
  • Let steep for 12-18 hours
  • Strain with coffee filters or cheesecloth
  • Keep in mason jar in the fridge for up to two weeks
  • Dilute with a splash of cold water or ice cubes before enjoying


French Press Method:

By using the built in filtration system, this method cuts a few straining steps out. In a standard sized French Press:

  • Add ¾ cup coarsely ground coffee to French press
  • Pour room temperature water over the top, making sure all grounds are submerged
  • Place top on the French press without plunging the filter
  • Let steep for 12-18 hours on the counter
  • Plunge filter, pour, add a splash of water or ice to dilute, and enjoy
  • Keep in a large jar or pitcher for up to two weeks in the fridge


Toddy Cold Drip Coffee Maker Method:

For serious cold press makers, pick up a Toddy Cold Brew System in the coffee and tea aisle for $39.99.

Instructions here. 


Once you are done concentrating on brewing, its time for concocting. Here are three different ways to dress up cold press.

Bullet Cold Press Cubes

Freeze an ice tray filled with coconut milk. In the morning, pour these ingredients over your ice cubes and mix thoroughly. For even more frothiness, add all ingredients with ice cubes to a blender.

  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 cups cold press coffee
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 Tbsp cocoa powder


Iced Chai Brew

Add a generous splash of your favorite Chai concentrate along with your preferred coffee creamer to get a spicy chai cold brew.


Vietnamese Style Cold Brew

Add 3-4 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk along with a splash of your preferred creamer to dilute your coffee concentrate with decadent flavor and creaminess.