TC Farm Pork

TC Farm Pork

TC Farm (formerly True Cost Farm) is a sustainable family farm. Their heritage hogs are pasture raised on grass and non-GMO grain and are never given soy feed, antibiotics or added hormones. The result is meat higher in Omega 3s, antioxidants, Vitamin E and iron than conventional pork. In addition:

  • The slow-growing, heritage breeds live outside most of the year, grazing, rooting and burrowing
  • They’re never given any type of growth drugs or antibiotics and are raised with respect
  • When they’re fed supplemental grains, it’s non-GMO, transitioning-to-organic small grains, never soy or corn
  • “Transitioning to organic” means that farmers are following organic practices but aren’t yet Certified Organic
  • Farmers must follow organic practices for 3 years before they can become certified, so by buying their crops during this “transition to organic” timeframe, we’re helping formerly-conventional Minnesota farms become organic

This pork program will help more than 400 acres of Minnesota land to become organic every year!


Ferndale Free-Range Turkey

Ferndale Turkeys

Ferndale Market is a third-generation family farm raising all-natural & free-range turkeys. Turkeys raised in this humane way are not only tastier, but tend to be higher in omega-3s and lower in saturated fat, so they’re even better for you.