Top 6 Reasons to Invest in a Local CSA

Twenty years ago, if someone had said to you, “Hey, do you know where I can find a good local CSA farmer?” You may have replied with a “Huh? CS-what?” Today, thanks to the incredible demand for locally grown food, you may be very familiar with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA); perhaps you even have a favorite farmer who provides you with a weekly box of freshly harvested food. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about buying a share but just haven’t done it yet. Well, we think this just might be your year. CSAs are important to our food system and are an excellent way for you to get cooking and eating the best food our region grows.

How CSAs Help Local Farmers:

  1. Your subscription helps cover their upfront costs — farmers start selling their shares during a time when their cash flow is typically low (February and March).
  2. Selling their shares during the off-season gets much of their marketing and sales done before the season begins. That allows them to spend more of their time farming, which is what farmers do best!
  3. CSAs help the farmer get to know her customer. Every week you pick up your box of veggies and often the person handing it to you is the person who grew the food. If you have a concern, question or a compliment, you can talk right to the source. The local CSA farmers we know really do listen to your feedback; they will often use it when planning their seasons and ordering seeds.


How Local CSAs Help YOU:

  1. When you eat food that has been harvested within a day or even a few hours of harvesting, you are getting the most nutritious food you can get. (It tastes better too!)
  2. CSAs get you cooking! Most producers include recipes and cooking tips in their boxes or through an electronic newsletter. Don’t be afraid to ask your farmer about his favorite recipe; chances are he’s an excellent cook too!
  3. When you invest in a farmer, you are investing in your community, the land and your health. We think that’s money well spent!


Do you have a favorite local CSA farm? Give them a shout-out in the comments and share why you love them. Looking for a farmer? We have a few who use Lakewinds as a drop-off location. Click here to for a list of CSA Farms that drop-off at Lakewinds.

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  1. I have ordered CSAs in the Wright County area for several years. I love the fact that I can have locally grown healthy food and support my local economy. Most recently I have received my CSA from the Little Boon Farm and they have been wonderful to work with. I have been very happy with the food I get each week – especially the fresh eggs and herbs. Thank you for helping me feed healthy food to my family!

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