Top 10 Reasons to Use Fresh Food Delivery from Lakewinds

Fresh food delivery is now easier than ever. Lakewinds recently announced its partnership with Instacart, bringing its local, farm-fresh, organic food right to your doorstep.

Unsure if it’s for you? Here are our top 10 reasons to use fresh food delivery from Lakewinds.

  1. Signing up is easy. Simply sign up for an account from the Lakewinds delivery page or Instacart and start shopping.
  1. Paying is simple. Orders over $35 are only $3.99—and your first order over $10 will be delivered for free. Instacart accepts all major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Now cards on the Google app. When Lakewinds’ owners use fresh food delivery, their purchase amount will be applied toward their annual patronage.
  1. Shopping for organic groceries is fast. Maybe you’re in the middle of a busy week, have a cold or just want to stay in. Whatever the reason, save time by signing into the Lakewinds’ Instacart store and shopping online. Select the products and quantities you want, pay online and your groceries will be delivered to you.
  1. Supporting local farmers and business is rewarding. Lakewinds Food Co-op partners with local farmers and artisans. When you get fresh food delivery from Lakewinds, you know you’re supporting local farmers, their families and your community.
  1. Pricing is the same online as in the stores. You won’t see inflated prices on our Instacart stores—you’ll get fresh food delivery and pay the same general prices as shoppers in the stores. I’m sorry, but in-store sales prices and coupons do not apply.
  1. Getting same-day delivery is standard. Lakewinds delivery is available between 9 am and 9 pm, seven days a week. Usually you’ll get your groceries delivered to you within two hours!
  1. Rating systems encourage customer service. The personal shoppers who shop for your groceries are rated by customers, so they’re motivated to offer top-notch customer service and select the very best groceries for you. Plus, produce is guaranteed to be fresh or Instacart will offer you a refund.
  1. Shopping beyond groceries is an added benefit. Besides our local, fresh groceries, Lakewinds has organic skin care products, environmentally-friendly household cleaners and gift and home items as well.
  1. Knowing what food you have on hand can save money. Ever been at the store and you can’t remember if you need to buy berries? You buy some, get home and see you’ve got 2 pounds. Ack! Or you want to make a recipe but then see an important ingredient is out of season—and pricy. When you shop from home, you can see the ingredients in your kitchen that you want to use, plus the prices of items in the store. Savvy shoppers can create healthy, fresh meals, using ingredients they have and affordable products to stay on budget.
  1. Using Instacart technology is easy. Instacart’s online shopping technology is intuitive to use, making shopping simple from start to finish. Navigating the website is smooth and makes sense. It’s easy to search for and find specific, local favorites. You have the ability to search for recipes, too. Want to try a new squash soup? Instacart works with Yummly so that you can find a delicious-sounding recipe and order the ingredients you need.Our current delivery area stretches from downtown Minneapolis southwest to 494. Get fresh food delivered to you via Instacart and Lakewinds in downtown Minneapolis, St Louis Park, Hopkins, Edina, Richfield and more. Check back as the delivery area is expected to expand in the coming months!


Instacart doesn’t just deliver to homes—get your groceries delivered to the office, a park, friend’s house, wherever you may be within the delivery area. You just need someone to be physically present, or leave a note for your shopper to leave the order at a specific location, such as on the porch. However, refrigerated or frozen items must be left with a person.

See how easy it is to get fresh food delivery to your door from Lakewinds via Instacart today!

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