Springtime Gluten Free Meal Ideas

The easiest way to eat a gluten-free diet is by filling your plate with in-season fruits and vegetables. Freshly harvested produce is packed with nutrition and flavor and needs little preparation to make a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Now that spring is here and locally grown produce is arriving from local farms, it’s even easier to fill your plate! Be on the lookout for tender, local sweet asparagus, robust spring greens such as spinach and arugula, and zesty radishes. We’ve picked a few gluten-free recipes using these springtime favorites that we think will be winners:

  • Gardeners who grow asparagus know that fresh-picked asparagus is a sweet and crispy treat that’s so tasty sometimes it’s eaten right in the asparagus patch! Buy a bundle of locally grown asparagus and then try a simple Gluten-free Salad or Asparagus and Brie Gluten-free Flatbread.
  • Pesto can be made from everything from basil, cilantro or mint to arugula and pea shoots. And it isn’t just for pasta! Pesto tastes great on roasted chicken and as a sandwich spread. Capture the peppery goodness of arugula with this recipe: Arugula Pesto  (Extra tip: Freeze some extra pesto in your ice cube tray and toss a cube or two into your soup or gluten-free pasta to enjoy that fresh spring taste all year long.)
  • Radishes aren’t just for egg salad sandwiches. Roasting them with a dash of oil and salt mellows their bitterness without diminishing their zippiness: Roasted Radishes. We also like the bright red color they add to your plate!

It’s easy to go gluten-free when you shop Lakewinds’ produce aisles. Stop in to pick up farm-fresh produce and savor the flavor of the spring season!