6 Easy Ways to Add Veggies at Breakfast

If you’re looking to reduce sugar or refined carbohydrates in your diet, or just need a change to your breakfast routine, consider vegetables as the base of your morning meal.


An omelet that includes spinach, leeks, sprouts and mushrooms won’t ever miss the cheese or meat. This combo can easily be scrambled, or the vegetables sautéed and then topped with a fried, poached, or chopped hard-boiled egg.


Avocado toast is great, but so is a light spread of butter, Clockshadow Creamery Quark (in Maple or Herb) or Organic Valley ricotta, then pile on the sliced tomatoes, fresh herbs and crunchy sprouts.


Yes, salad. Hearty veggies like cabbage, broccoli slaw and celery can be chopped the night before and tossed in your favorite vinaigrette. For breakfast, add tender greens like spinach or romaine. Top with nuts and seeds, or toss in some leftover chicken or other protein. Bonus: our salad bar has to-go boxes and dressing containers so you can eat one, save one.


If you’re roasting vegetables for dinner, add an extra portion. Reheated for breakfast, they’re great alone, or can be transformed into an omelet or scrambled eggs. Our deli has pre-prepped veggies to grab-and-go that make any meal (especially a hurried morning meal) healthier and easier for you.


For people who don’t feel hungry in the morning, but need some energy and nutrition, soup is the perfect option. Pureed soups heavy on the vegetables and broth (we sell bone broth in bulk and on tap!) heated and put into a thermos or travel mug are a great comfort food to ease into a busy day. Spoon Optional has veggie-heavy, delicious sippable soups for at home or on the go–Great for dipping a slice of buttered toast.

Yogurt Dips

Dip assorted vegetables into savory yogurt flavors or yogurt-based veggie dips. We love Sosi’s healthy dips for this very reason.