You’ll find a wide selection of locally made food and household items at the co-op. Get to know some of the local grocery vendors who fill our shelves with local love!


Minneapolis, MN

Founder K.C. Kye concocted this “everything” sauce based on recipes from his Korean mother’s cooking. The tantalizing blend of buttery sweetness and fiery kick goes great on Korean fare but also adds depth and flavor to eggs, pizza, tacos, even fruit! K-Mama donates a portion of all profits to nonprofits fighting hunger and homelessness.

Peace Coffee

Minneapolis, MN

Organic, fair trade, and locally roasted, Peace Coffee has been a Minneapolis favorite for over 20 years. If you live in the area you may see one of their delivery bikes cruising around town, dropping off coffee to local shops and restaurants.

Sauce Anna Lisa

Minneapolis, MN

Anna Lisa makes several varieties of traditional pasta sauce that are simmered slow over several hours to unlock the full flavor of the ingredients. Each variety is based on the recipes passed down in her family for generations.

Bolton Bees

St. Paul, MN

These beekeepers understand that location defines the flavor of good honey. Bolton harvests from sites across the state, each with its own unique population of local wildflowers. Every variety of honey they sell is utterly distinct, bearing the flavors of the region where it was harvested. They also founded SolarHoney, an organization that partners with solar farms to create pollinator habitats. The open fields and prairies that are the best locations for solar arrays tend to also be ideal places to establish bee colonies. SolarHoney helps to merge these two green initiatives to maximize their environmental impact.

Whole Grain Milling

Welcome, MN

You won’t find a better local tortilla chip than those made by this local miller! They use their own milled flour made from organic, locally grown corn. In addition to amazing chips, Whole Grain Milling offers a wide variety of organic bulk flours, beans, and whole grains.

Camp Aquila Maple Syrup

Star Lake, MN

Located on the site of a former summer camp, Camp Aquila is now known for making some of the tastiest maple syrup around. Owners and sole proprietors Stu and Corinne tap over 1,300 maple trees using eco-friendly methods to produce their award-winning syrup.

Finley’s Barkery

Eden Prairie, MN

Finley’s makes all-natural pet treats with ingredients sourced from sustainable farmers and suppliers. Dogs love the flavors and you’ll love the short, simple list of ingredients. Finley’s also elevates people with special needs by donating 50% of net profits to employment and charitable organizations. As if that weren’t enough, they’re also a Certified B-Corp.


Spring Lake Park, MN

For all the soy beans grown in Minnesota, it’s a wonder it took so long for someone to start making local tofu. Founder Yan Small started MinnTofu in 2018 after discovering that there were no sources for fresh, local tofu. MinnTofu sources all of their ingredients directly from local organic farms.

Maazah Aioli and Chutney

In Farsi, maazah means flavor, which only begins to describe the wonderful condiments from this local, woman-owned business. Derived from their Afghani family recipes, Maazah aioli and chutney are versatile, vegan-friendly sauces that go well with just about anything. Use the aioli in place of mayo to add an herby, citrusy zest to potato salad or sandwiches. The chutney is the perfect everything sauce because it tastes great on just about anything, from eggs to pizza to grilled meats and veggies and more.

Larry Schultz Organic Eggs

Owatonna, MN

Larry is a staple in the local organic food world. For over 20 years he’s been providing organic eggs to restaurants and co-ops across the state. Even before Larry’s time, the Schultz family farm was chemical-free. When herbicides and pesticides became common in the 50s, Larry’s parents refused to adopt them. All the chickens at Larry Schultz’s farm are given full, unrestricted access to the outdoors. This naturally stress-free lifestyle leads to happier, healthier birds.

Hoyo Sambusas

Minneapolis, MN

This small maker chose their name (the Somali word for mother) because that’s who makes their sambusas. Hoyo’s mission is to employ and empower Somali women, most of them mothers, to share this traditional dish with the Twin Cities.

3 Bear Oats

Minneapolis, MN

Steel-cut oats aren’t just for breakfast! These heat-and-eat meals are perfect for a quick meal or post-hike recovery. Many of the ingredients are sourced locally and there are options for dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets.

Trempealeau Walnut Burger

Trempealeau, WI

This cheesy, meat-free burger patty was originally served exclusively at Wisconsin’s historic Trempealeau Hotel. They became such a hit that the family decided to package and sell them to local co-ops and grocery stores.

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