Undead Bread: Heritage Grains Bring Life Back to Carbs

Today’s carbs are often, well, dead. They come overly processed from cheap, fast-growing grains and are frequently the culprits for weight gain and quick energy slumps.

But a back-to-heritage trend has been sprouting up amongst local bread makers, farmers and millers. Heritage and sprouted grains, traditionally harvested grasses and less processed bread-making techniques are all rising together to bring life back to carbs. These new breads and flours have dramatically elevated nutritional value and lasting energy—and much better flavors. Bring bread back to your table and make it a staple of your meals with these nutrient-dense options:

Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted Mash 7-Grain Flatzza

KC’s Best Hand Harvested Wild Rice *local *bulk

Turkey Red Whole Wheat Heritage Flour *bulk

Whole Grain Milling Hi-Lysine Cornmeal *bulk

Whole Grain Milling Co. Harvest Grains Pancake Mix *packaged grocery

Baker’s Field Forefront Wheat Bread Flour

Baker’s Field Complete or Seeded loaves


Tips for making the most out of healthy carbs:

  • Pair grains with protein and fat to feel full longer with more energy.
  • Keep breads on the counter or freezer. The fridge dries them out quickly.
  • High-quality grains have much more flavor and fill you fast. You don’t need much! (Think one slice or ½ a cup)
  • Look for visible grains, seeds, rough textures and darker coloring in breads.
  • Grainy or seedy bread textures are better once toasted—The overall crunch helps hide new textures (especially great for kids).