Nice Catch! Fish Recipes Four Ways

Want to be savvier about seafood? Navigating the waters is easy at Lakewinds. Our buyers bring you a bounty of delicious choices you can feel good about. All our fish are wild-caught or farm-raised using responsible aquaculture practices recommended by Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Marine Stewardship Council. As environmental conditions and fishing practices change, we adjust our purchasing accordingly, always giving you the best and most responsible selection. Get the flavor and texture you love with these four recipes for perfect fish, every time.

On the Grill

Benefits: Smoky flavor, crisp edges
Varieties: Firm filets like salmon, swordfish, tuna; whole fish like snapper, trout
How: Gas or charcoal grill on medium heat, well-oiled grate or specialized fish-grill pan. Top with dill and cipollini onion.


Benefits: Quick cooking, crisp exterior, moist interior
Varieties: Medium filets such as tilapia, arctic char, tuna, and cod
How: Cast iron or stainless sauté pan, medium/high heat with olive oil. Try sesame seeds, daikon, sprouts, toasted sesame oil.


Benefits: Meal-in-one sheet pan with vegetables, simple clean up
Varieties: Medium to firm fish such as salmon, cod or steelhead trout
How: Put seasoned fish, aromatics, root vegetables and herbs on an oiled sheet or pan, roast on 375° for 15-30 minutes. Try tomato, olives and scallions.

Baked in Parchment

Benefits: Cooked with tender veggies and herbs, maximum flavor and moisture
Varieties: Tender fleshed fish such as sole or snapper
How: Place filet plus dill, fennel and lemon in parchment pouch, bake at 400° on a sheet or pan for 15 minutes. Top with fennel fronds.