Minnesota Turkeys for Your Thanksgiving Feast

When you talk about Minnesota to your out-of-state friends and family, you probably mention our many beautiful lakes, the cabin life up north, our vibrant Twin Cities arts scene or our amazing restaurants.

This November, we think you should add one more impressive Minnesota thing to your list … turkeys.

Did you know Minnesota is the #1 turkey producing and processing state in the U.S? According to the Minnesota Turkey Association, 450 Minnesota family farmers raise between 44 and 46 million turkeys annually. Did you know that many of these farmers are 3rd, 4th and even 5th generation turkey farmers? Farmers like the Petersons of Ferndale Market out of Cannon Falls, Minnesota, who grow their turkeys free-range during the summer, moving them to fresh pasture weekly so they have access to clean air and fresh grass. Or Larry Schultz Organic farm, a certified organic farm that raises poultry that “have that old fashioned flavor, the way chickens and turkeys used taste.” Both farms strive to provide their birds with as much outdoor time as the elements will allow and work hard to bring the very best to market. This care for quality is one reason Lakewinds proudly stocks turkeys from both of these farms.

As you know, your pocketbook can be a powerful tool in supporting our local and state economy, and this is particularly evident when you buy a Minnesota-grown turkey. According to a 2011 University of Minnesota study[1], every time you purchase a Minnesota-grown turkey, your purchase generates $17.46 of direct economic activity to Minnesota. Across the state, turkey accounts for an estimated total of $807 million in economic impact annually!

So, as you set your lovely roasted turkey before your family and friends this holiday season, you can take pride in knowing that every tasty bite of that Minnesota turkey is supporting a stronger regional and state economy. Now you have another great reason to ask for seconds … or even thirds!


[1] Sources: Minnesota Turkey Research & Promotion Council, National Turkey Federation, University of Minnesota, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, Agricultural Utilization Research Institute.