Want to be savvier about seafood? Navigating the waters is easy at Lakewinds. Our buyers bring you a bounty of delicious choices you can feel good about. All our fish are wild-caught or farm-raised using responsible aquaculture practices recommended by Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Marine Stewardship Council. As environmental conditions and fishing practices change, we adjust our purchasing accordingly, always giving you the best and most responsible selection. Learn where our seafood comes from with this handy chart.

Farm-raised in ideal natural conditions in the Faroe Islands; arrives in the U.S. within 72 hours of harvesting. High quality antibiotic free

Wild caught in with sustainable catch limits. Best eco-rated and lowest mercury-level.

Sustainably farmed with housemade fish meal, bird-friendly netting catch methods and systems that minimize pollutants. 100% boneless U.S.-raised.

Ethically-raised in the mixed sea and fresh mountain flowing waters of Loch Etive. Premium quality, sushi-grade.

Hatched and raised on farms with high quality brackish water. Delicate texture, mild-flavor and high healthy fat content

Hatched and raised on farms with high-quality brackish water. Delicate texture, mild-flavor and high healthy fat content.

Sustainably-caught from Maine to North Carolina with boat owners contributing $10 million a year to ongoing scallop population research. Ripe and crisp flavor.

RSPCA Assurance (Freedom Food) certified artisan raising techniques in natural conditions at Loch Duart. Lean, fit fish with lower fat content and strong similarity to wild Atlantic salmon.