Co-op Adventure Guide

There’s no better time to explore the co-op than during the summer and fall harvest months when local produce and products are at their peak. Make a morning or afternoon discovering new gems with the whole family following this co-op treasure hunt. The family can tackle this list together or divide into teams.

Use your finds to be inspired to try new products, experiment with recipes and discover things you didn’t even know you could find at the co-op. Photo sharing is highly encouraged.

Co-op Treasure Hunt

  1. Two fruits and two vegetables currently in season
    Co-op pro tip: ask Lakewinds produce managers about what’s in season and where it comes from
  2. Find something you haven’t seen or tried before
    Produce, the bulk aisle and cheese counter are great exploration territories
  3. Find something that grows underground
    Co-op pro tip: dirt residue can be a great indicator of root products. Just make sure to rinse them off before consuming.
  4.  Find something that grows on a tree
    Co-op pro tip: Look for items that have a stem in the produce section and don’t forget about nuts.
  5. Find one product who’s farm or production facility you could visit
    Co-op pro tip: look for the local tags!
  6.  Find something that comes in many different colors
    Cabbage, carrots, citrus and even basil will show up in many different hues.
  7.  Find the biggest vegetable
  8.  Find the smallest fruit
  9.  Build a snack for less than $10
    Visit the deli, bulk aisle and bakery for inspiration
  10.  Get a recommendation
    Ask a local vendor, Lakewinds team member or fellow shopper reaching for the same product how they would prepare that item. You’ll be dazzled by what you learn.
  11.  Find three things that aren’t food
    We hear the wellness aisle calling! This is a great opportunity to discover alternatives to standard cleaning, beauty and healthcare products.