Richfield Celebrates 10 Years

Guess who just turned 10! This past June, our Richfield location celebrated its tenth anniversary. Opening our third store was a big undertaking: From finding staff to reaching new shoppers to keeping the shelves stocked, there was no shortage of hard work to be done. But with determination, can-do attitude, and old-fashioned “co-op-eration,” the Richfield … Continued

Earth Day 2020: Healthy Soil, Healthy Planet

Lakewinds is kicking off our Earth Week 2020 celebration, and our focus this year is on the all-important role of soil health. Healthy soil is just as vital to the environment as reducing waste and cutting emissions. However, it doesn’t always receive the same amount of attention. When soil is healthy, it’s an excellent carbon … Continued

Sustainable Shopping Tips

We all make purchasing decisions in our daily lives that have lasting impacts on our environment, local economy, and even future generations. From buying local whenever possible to refilling containers when buying in bulk and using reusable produce bags, the small changes we make in favor of sustainability add up to big impacts over time. … Continued