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Big River Farms–From LOFF Recipient to Wholesale Account!

By Amy Haggerty on August 26, 2014 0 Comment

Written by: Dale Woodbeck – General Manager Lakewinds’ involvement with local organic farms is taking a big step forward this season with Big River Farms of Marine-on-St. Croix, MN. Big River Farms is a certified organic farm and is the brand of the Minnesota Food Association (MFA). Many Lakewinds owners will recognize MFA as a recipient of […]Read More »

My Top 5 Co-op Finds – State Fair Edition

By Amy Haggerty on August 21, 2014 0 Comment

It’s that time of year again. You know, when everyone in Minnesota heads to the state fair to push their way through the crowds to eat every greasy, unusual and delicious food they can find…on a stick. Word is, this first weekend is going to be sunny, hot and humid. Some of you may like […]Read More »

We LOVE Gardening!

By Amy Haggerty on June 19, 2014 0 Comment
Susan's (Chanhassen Grocery Manager) Vegetable Garden

Susan's (Chanhassen Grocery Manager) Vegetable Garden

Home gardening is growing, no pun intended. According to the National Garden Association, 1 in 3 households are now growing food—the highest overall participation in a decade. The reasons why people participate in gardening vary. Many love the satisfaction of growing their own food, some love the free “therapy” gardening provides, others find it a […]Read More »

I’m an Owner because…

By Amy Haggerty on May 19, 2014 0 Comment

There’s a lot to love about being a Lakewinds Food Co-op Owner! We recently asked shoppers in the store why they became owners…   Learn more about becoming an Owner of Lakewinds Food Co-op!                  Read More »

14 Years and Counting…

By Amy Haggerty on May 6, 2014 1 Comment

Written by: Rachael Eide – Training Coordinator Get a job! The reality that money doesn’t grow on trees became clear as my parents gave me a “loving shove” out of the nest. As I neared high school graduation, I learned that part of entering the “real world” included working outside of the home—and something more than babysitting […]Read More »

Detox Your Skin & Body Care Routine

By Amy Haggerty on May 1, 2014 0 Comment

We absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin. That’s why it’s so important to know what to look for in your skin and body care products.  At Lakewinds, you can trust that we’ve done most of the heavy reading for you already  – making it easy for you to pick out […]Read More »

Employee Favorite – Hilary’s Eat Well Veggie Burgers

By Amy Haggerty on April 28, 2014 0 Comment

Written by: Kate Walsh – Operations and Product Manager-General Merchandise and Floral Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite products in our stores that are made by a company called Hilary’s Eat Well. Her veggie burgers are tops! My latest go-to is her Adzuki Bean Burger with Green Chili and Cumin. These burgers […]Read More »

Dyeing Eggs Naturally – What I Learned As A Newbie

By Amy Haggerty on April 11, 2014 0 Comment

I’m sure like me, you’ve seen the many recipes for dyeing eggs naturally floating around Pinterest and Facebook. Dyeing eggs with natural ingredients is something that has intrigued me for a while, but this is the first year I actually made the leap and tried it out. And while I didn’t get the spectacular results […]Read More »

Spring Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

By Amy Haggerty on March 27, 2014 5 Comments

Written by: Amy Haggerty – Lakewinds Marketing Specialist Spring is finally here (please?) and that means it’s time for bike rides around the lake, barbecuing with friends and deep cleaning your home from top to bottom. Yes, it’s Spring Cleaning time! That wonderful (to some) time of the year when we attempt to rid ourselves of the […]Read More »