We want you know what’s in the food you eat and the items you buy. So when we’re notified about product recalls and alerts, we want you to know, quickly. We always post information here, and we’ll also email individuals on our email list for larger recalls.

If you purchased affected items, please return them to one of our stores for a full refund. If you’ve used a product and are experiencing any symptoms, please see your healthcare provider without delay. Your safety comes first.

Recent recalls and alerts

SoDelicious Salted Caramel Sundae | Recall

June 23, 2022

SoDelicious has voluntarily recalled a small number of frozen desserts after Peanut Sundae cones were inadvertently packed into Salted Caramel Sundae cartons. The affected items’ details are:

  • SoDelicious Dairy Free Wondermilk Frozen Dessert Salted Caramel Sundae, UPC 3663207821, best by date of 6-15-2023

Culina Yogurt | Recall

June 17, 2022

Culina Yogurts has voluntarily recalled 5-oz yogurts because they may contain fragments of glass. The affected items details are:

  • Culina coconut yogurt, plain, 5 oz, UPC 0085472400708, use by date of 10-26-2022 and 11-23-2022
  • Culina coconut yogurt, bourbon vanilla, 5 oz, UPC 0085472400709, use by date of 11-23-2022
  • Culina coconut yogurt, strawberry rose, UPC 0085472400710, use by date of 10-21-2022 and 10-30-2022
  • Culina coconut yogurt, blueberry lavender, UPC 0085472400711, use by date of 11-13-2022
  • Culina coconut yogurt, sour cherry almond, UPC 0085472400722, use by date of 10-30-2022

Organic strawberries | Alert

May 31, 2022

There are reports that organic strawberries caused one illness in Minnesota. Lakewinds has not received any affected berries to our knowledge. If you purchased strawberries in April through early May and froze them, you are encouraged to throw them away out of an abundance of caution.

Wisco Pop | Recall

May 14, 2022

Wisco Pop voluntarily recalled its soda cans. A stray wild yeast in some of the cans may cause fermentation and over-carbonation that could cause cans to bulge and possibly burst open. Its sodas sold in bottles are not affected.

  • Wisco Pop strawberry – Lot 040822.01
  • Wisco Pop grapefruit – Lot 031022.02
  • Wisco Pop cherry – Lots 030722.01 and 040822.02
  • Wisco Pop ginger – Lots 031322.02 and 040822.03

Product recalls versus product alerts

Product recalls

The FDA and our vendors notify us about product recalls. We immediately remove those items from our shelves, email customers, and post the information on our website. To make sure you get emails from us, please subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Product alerts

Sometimes we’re sent product alerts, which are not formal recalls. We review the alert to see if there’s a health risk involved. If so, we remove the product from our shelves, post an alert on our website, and follow up with the vendor to see if there’s further information our customers should know.

See the FDA site for a full list of current recalled products.