IT Systems Developer - Eden Prairie

  • Type: IT
  • Status: Full Time
  • Report To: Senior IT Manager


We are looking for a Technician to develop IT hardware and software solutions throughout the organization.

Essential Functions

  • Develop various customizations and enhancements within the context of existing systems, software, hardware, databases, and reporting.
  • Develop new software applications to share and track information in new ways.
  • Integrate new applications with existing systems and databases.
  • Assist the IT Department with various system upgrade, enhancement, or replacement projects, software evaluation and standardization, or other projects.


  • Requires advanced experience with a variety of programming languages and tools: SQL, C#, VB, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Office VBA, Visual Studio, Sencha, etc., and advanced experience with popular software technologies such as Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office applications, web browsers, etc.
  • Some retail POS System experience preferred, but not required.
  • Requires effective communication and writing skills in English, ability to read and comprehend instructions, and demonstrated accuracy and thoroughness in the outcomes of all work.

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to come into stores and business office as needed, possibly on a daily basis.