Congratulations to the 2021 Lakewinds Organic Field Fund grant recipients! LOFF is our co-op’s grant program focused on supporting the local sustainable farming community. This year, we awarded $102,188 in LOFF grants to 15 local farms. We’re proud to announce this year’s recipients, and we wish them great success as they work on their projects.

 Blue Fruit Farm – Winona, MN

  • Install a solar-powered, non-toxic, non-lethal silent laser system to deter birds. This project will reduce labor costs, increase crop yields, improve fruit quality, and increase profitability of the farm.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Sarah of Cannon Valley Butcher's Block

Cannon Valley Butchers Block – Red Wing, MN

  • Renovate enclosed trailer into a cooler trailer to be used for mobile slaughter/butcher services and butchery education events. Added benefits include supporting local livestock producers and processors, increasing processing capacity and efficiency, and branching out into larger livestock like beef.
  • Total funded: $6,906

Cedar Crate Farm – Waldorf, MN 

  • Purchase a tractor-mounted wood chipper to increase organic matter in the soil and improve soil health, allow the farm to create their own compost, provide bedding for livestock, and more.
  • Total funded: $3,144

Choua Yang Farm – Isanti, MN

  • Construct a well to irrigate crops on newly purchased farmland and help this experienced farmer thrive in a new location.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Lonah and Moses Stand by New Tractor

Dawn2Dusk Farm – Cambridge, MN

  • Purchase a tractor, roller crimper, and no-till drill. Dawn2Dusk farm is transitioning to no-till operation to improve soil health and sustainability, and trains other farmers in the process too!
  • Total funded: $8,000

Noreen of Doubting Thomas Holds Blue Corn

Doubting Thomas Farms – Moorhead, MN

  • Purchase and convert a cargo container to store farm products such as rolled oats, flours, and grain mixes for retail markets. This will keep food products safe and help the farm expand into more retail spaces.
  • Total funded: $5,100

Easy Yoke Farm – Zumbro Falls, MN

  • Build a passive solar greenhouse to increase efficiency and production of organic and heirloom produce on their small-scale, organic family farm.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Grand Risings Farm – Willow River, MN

  • Purchase an outdoor canopy, washing station supplies, PPE for volunteers, and other processing materials in order to expand and improve safety, sustainability, and efficiency of on-farm harvesting and packaging area.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Live Organically – Oak Grove, MN

  • Build a mobile chicken coop for organic laying hens. This project will help to create a more diverse ecological system on the farm that will improve soil health and the health and quality of life of their chickens.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Loon Organics, Inc. – Hutchinson, MN

  • Construct a permanent deer fence around 75% of their farmland. The fence will eliminate crop loss and improve food safety while saving on labor and increasing farm efficiency.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Mhonpaj Stands Alongside the New Fence

Mhonpaj’s Garden – Hugo, MN

  • Infrastructure improvements include installing a permanent fence to prevent crop loss due to pests, as well as constructing a new culvert, which will provide easier access to 15 acres of their farmland.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Jane, Callin and Charles, SASA Farmers

SASA Organic – Lino Lakes, MN

  • Purchase and install a walk-in cooler to increase efficiency and maintain the highest possible quality and food safety standards of their organic produce.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Melissa Holds Pesto

Seven Songs Organic Farm – Kenyon, MN

  • Construct a greenhouse addition on their existing packing shed. This will allow them to grow more produce for local food makers and co-ops and will help extend the growing season for their farm.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Sogn Valley Farm – Cannon Falls, MN

  • Construct a new greenhouse, allowing them to expand plant production capacity while increasing energy efficiency. This will help them meet heightened demand for organic native plant starts and increase space to grow greens for winter farm shares.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Solar Fresh Produce – Buffalo, MN

  • Plant fruit and nut shrubs to serve as habitat for free-range laying hens, act as a hedgerow buffer between the farm’s organic fields and neighboring conventional fields to prevent chemical drift, and provide pollinator and wildlife habitat.
  • Total funded: $2,040