On February 27, 2020 the Lakewinds Organic Field Fund selection committee came together and awarded $109,601 in grants to 15 farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The committee is made up of people passionate about local organic and sustainable agriculture. We’re proud to announce this years recipients, and we wish them great success as they work on their projects.


Auntie Annie’s Fields – Dundas, MN

  • Automated feeding system and improved water system in their brooding barn. This will streamline feeding and provide cleaner water to the chicks.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Cylon Rolling Acres – Deer Park, WI

  • Purchase a refrigerated trailer for transporting goat meat from the processor back to the farm. Purchasing the trailer will increase safety, as well as provide new wholesale opportunities for their goat meat.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Early Frost Farm – Embarrass, MN

  • Drill a new well in order to install new irrigation equipment. The well will service their two hoop houses, an adjacent field, and vineyard. It will also allow them to scale-up vegetable production.
  • Total funded: $6,205

Echo Acres – Aniwa, WI 

  • Purchase a tractor with bucket attachment to help with day-to-day operations on their organic dairy farm. The tractor will improve safety and efficiency on the farm.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Farm Farm – Princeton, MN

  • Purchase nursery tables and cell flats for the production of vegetable transplants, as well as high quality woven greenhouse plastic that will be used to partition off the heated greenhouse. These materials will help to reduce waste and conserve energy on the farm.
  • Total funded: $5,555

Graise Farm – Faribault, MN

  • Building a new duck coop to help scale up duck egg production to meet the high demand. Building a new coop will increase productivity, allow for easier feeding, and improve efficiency.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Little Big Sky Farm – Henderson, MN

  • Build a small pack shed to complete all post-harvest farm tasks. The project includes a greens washing station, spray table, sink, new drainage system, and proper storage facilities.
  • Total funded: $8,000

North Circle Seeds – Vergas, MN

  • Install 2 hydrants, which will provide much-needed irrigation in their fields and high tunnel.  This project will allow them to expend their seed crop production as well as scale-up vegetable production.
  • Total funded: $7,250

Northern Harvest Farm – Wrenshall, MN

  • Build a new pack shed and walk-in cooler to replace the on-farm facilities they’ve outgrown. The new pack shed will allow the farm to scale-up operations significantly in order to meet increasing demands for wholesale organic vegetable sales.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Pearson Organics – Rochester, MN

  • Purchase washing and packing equipment to increase post-harvest food safety and handling efficiencies. Equipment includes a barrel washer, brush washer, feed belt, inspection conveyor, and rotary sorting table.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Pine Creek Farm – Plainview, MN

  • Expand and improve produce storage system their 5 acre certified organic vegetable farm with the construction of a walk-in cooler and cooler trailer. This project will allow them to increase vegetable production for CSA’s, farmers markets, and wholesale accounts.
  • Total funded: $7,251

Racing Heart Farm – Colfax, WI

  • Install a deer fence to protect 17 acres of vegetable crops, pasture, and their regenerative orchard. This fence is crucial to crop production and profitability and to their long-term goals for creating a regenerative orchard and grazing system on the farm.
  • Total funded: $8,000

Rising Sun Farm & Orchard – River Falls, WI

  • Provide upgrades to their existing greenhouse including installing gravel and landscape fabric to level the floor, new irrigation equipment, and heating systems. This project will increase efficiency and protect early crops.
  • Total funded: $3,849

Twin Cities Green Farm – Marine on St. Croix, MN

  • Purchase a two-wheel walk-behind tractor, along with its cultivator implements, including a basket weeder and seeder attachments. The tractor will help scale-up the farm’s productivity and increase crop yields for organic vegetables.
  • Total funded: $7,491

Walter Organic Family Farm – Villard, MN

  • Install new automatic take-offs in the milking parlor on their organic dairy farm. The new equipment will greatly improve efficiency and allow them to produce a higher-quality product.
  • Total funded: $8,000