Lakewinds is proud to grant funding to the following farms and organizations that share our passion for organic food, land stewardship, sustainable agriculture, new farms, and a greater access to healthy food in our communities.  Our three (3) recipients received funds totaling nearly $22,000 toward their diverse and valuable projects.


Living Song Farm – Howard Lake, MN

  • Living Song Farm is a family run farm located in Howard Lake, MN dating back to 1898. Their mission is to be good stewards of the land through soil exemplary and water conservation practices; to be a positive part of their community by providing healthy food and both employment and volunteer opportunities; and nourish the land and their souls with love and reverence.
  • LOFF funded their New Managed Pasture Project. This project will establish organic pasture for rotational grazing cattle and chickens. Currently, 70 of the farm’s 80 acres are midway through the transition process for crops with over twenty of these for grazing. An additional seventeen acres are planned as part of this project for seed grasses, watering and fencing systems—all necessary to the organic certification process.

Sustainable Farming Association of MN – Frederic, WI

  • SFA is a statewide nonprofit educational organization for farmers practicing sustainable agriculture using environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially responsible farming systems.
  • LOFF funded the advancement of their New Crops project. The third and fourth phases develop educational materials and farming programs. Farming programs will focus on specific agronomic and production techniques needed to produce in-demand crops like quinoa and spelt, native fruits such as currants and sea buckthorn, and herb like nettle and burdock.

Minnesota Food Association (MFA) – Marine on St. Croix, MN

  • Since 1983, MFA has fulfilled their mission “to build a more sustainable food system based on social, economic and environmental justice through training, education and partnerships.”  Their focus is on providing new farmers access to certified organic land through their Land-Based Farm Incubator program.
  • LOFF is funding their assisting new farms in the transition to organic certification, as well as training and education programs.