Lakewinds is seeking qualified candidates to serve on its board of directors. Three of nine seats are open, each for a three-year term beginning September 15, 2024. Applications to run in the election are due before June 24, 2024 at 5 pm.

2024 Election Process Timeline
  • June 24 | Application, resume, and photo due by 5 pm.
  • July, exact dates TBA | Applicant interviews for selected candidates.
  • July 22 | Board of directors approves the slate of candidates.
  • By Aug. 1 | Applicants notified.
  • Sept. 1-15 | Member-owner voting in store, online, and at the annual meeting.
  • Sept. 15 | Annual member-owner meeting: new directors announced, three-year term begins.

General Board Information
  • Lakewinds member-owners elect a board of directors to govern the organization on their behalf.
  • The board selects and recommends a slate of candidates to member-owners.
  • The board uses a system of policy governance and is guided by ends policies and cooperative principles.
  • Lakewinds Ends Policies: Lakewinds owners, employees, suppliers, and our communities will have:
    • A sustainable, profitable business.
    • A preferred retail employer.
    • Increased authentic relationships.
    • Increased understanding and support of cooperatives.
    • A healthier food system.
  • An Executive Committee, selected by the board, includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The board appoints other committees as necessary.

Board Qualifications

Each applicant is expected to meet the following qualifications:

  • Is a member-owner of Lakewinds in good standing.
  • Is not an employee of Lakewinds or any competing grocer.
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills, strategic thinking, and other leadership qualities.
  • Has prior experience making decisions in a group setting.
  • Is able to undertake fiduciary responsibility on behalf of the cooperative and its member-owners.

Board Expectations
  • Act as a trustee on behalf of the member-owners and the cooperative.
  • Set long-range goals and ensure planning for the future.
  • Ensure sound management of the co-op’s resources through the use of policy governance.
  • In fulfillment of the above responsibilities, the board of directors must focus on four key areas:
    • Hiring, supervising, and evaluating the general manager.
    • Planning for the co-op’s future and approving management’s long-range plan.
    • Approving annual capital and operating budgets.
    • Recruiting new directors to ensure a well-qualified board.
  • Act in the interest of the whole co-op and its ownership, not a specific constituency.
  • Work as part of the governance team, and understand the difference between board responsibilities and operations responsibilities.
  • Learn about, understand, formulate, and abide by cooperative principles, policy governance and ends policies, and other guidelines as they related to the board’s duties.
  • Engage in strategic thinking, respectful discussion, and constructive partnership with the board members and the general manager. Understand that diverse opinions are welcome, but that the board speaks with a unified voice once votes are cast.
  • Understand and promote the values of Lakewinds Food Co-op.
  • Seek out opportunities for engagement with member-owners and the cooperative community.
  • Commit to the full term for which you are elected. Serve on board committees as needed.
  • Prepare for and attend all board meetings, typically held every other month, with committees and working groups meeting more often. Regular board meetings are generally held January through November on the third or fourth Monday of the month from 6:30 to 9 pm. All meetings are held at the Lakewinds business office in Eden Prairie, unless business needs require schedule and location changes.
  • Commit 5 to 10 hour per month (more for officers) for oversight, committee, and projects.
  • Attend Cooperative Board Leadership Development (CBLD) training (date TBD), an annual board retreat, and the annual member-owner meeting.
  • Participate from time to time in other trainings and conferences as appropriate.
  • Assess your performance as a board member and the board as a whole.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all matters, as required.


Directors receive a quarterly $300 stipend, a 15% discount on grocery purchases, and reimbursement of eligible board-related expenses. Directors compensation is subject to change by a vote of the entire board at any time.

Contact Information


Greg Dick, General Manager,