Heritage Pork Farm Partnership

Chop and ham lovers, rejoice!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Lakewinds and TC Farm (formerly True Cost Farm) to bring pasture-raised pork to your shopping carts and tables. This local pork comes from slow-growing, heritage hogs that are allowed to root and burrow in the pasture — the way pigs are supposed to.

This pork has excellent marbling and flavor is simply a healthier choice.

  • TC Farms pigs are pasture raised on grass and non-GMO grain.
  • They are never given soy feed, growth-enhancing drugs or antibiotics.
  • The meat is higher in Omega 3s, antioxidants, Vitamin E and iron than conventional pork.

When TC Farm hogs are fed supplemental grains, it’s always non-GMO and only organic or transitioning to organic. “Transitioning to organic” means that the farmers growing the supplemental feed are in the process of becoming certified organic. Farmers must follow organic practices for 3 years before they can become certified, so by buying their crops during this “transition to organic” timeframe, we’re helping these farming families and the environment.  This pork partnership equates to about 400 acres of farmland converting from conventional to organic each year.

Owner Jack McCann says it’s amazing to see how the hogs’ fields become abundant with small wildlife, bugs, butterflies and bees. The fields also help the environment by removing carbon from the atmosphere through a process known as carbon sequestration.

Look for environmentally friendly AND delicious TC Farms pork products in our Deli and Meat Departments. Our butchers provide packages ready to grab and go, as well as fresh cuts like chops and roasts and smoked, uncured products like ham and sausages in the exact amounts you need.

This pork is really something special. Once you try it, you’ll taste the difference.

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