Bolton Bees Honey


Chiara and Travis Bolton have beehives throughout Minnesota, extracting and jarring location-specific honeys at their facility in Menahga, Minnesota. Their journey began in China, where Chiara learned the ropes working on a rural beekeeping project. When she returned to the U.S., she honed her new-found passion for beekeeping. Her husband soon joined her, learning to breed queen bees in Texas, and they made the jump to beekeeping and selling their amazing honey fulltime.

Beekeeper Checking Hive

Bolton Bees is part of a unique partnership between solar energy companies and landscape restoration organizations that create pollinator-friendly habitats. They place their hives in areas where pollinator-friendly plants have been planted around solar arrays instead of turf or gravel. This helps rebuild the soil around the array while creating a habitat where bees can flourish. SolarHoney® is honey with a mission—to promote better land use practices, solar energy, pollinator habitat, and local beekeeping.

Tip: If you want to help the bees, Travis and Chiara say to leave those dandelions alone! Pollinators depend on dandelions as an early source of nectar in the spring. So please don’t pull or spray them, but let them nurture bee colonies instead.

Use Bolton Bees SolarHoney to make delicious Lemon Honey Earl Grey Cookies. Recipe here.