Hello fellow Lakewinds Member-Owners!

I am honored to have the opportunity to seek re-election on your board after serving for the last 3 years.

Before Lakewinds, I never would have imagined that the store I shop for food would be a regular topic of conversation for me with friends and strangers alike. I feel an instant bond when I hear “oh, you shop at Lakewinds too!” I can’t help myself from promoting this place that represents so much to my family – social and environmental responsibility, trust, local economy, health and community.

In order for Lakewinds to continue serving its members and the community in the future, it needs to grow its partnerships with local farmers and suppliers to not only provide the healthy and high quality foods we love, but to do this in an increasingly sustainable and climate change-conscious way. Additionally, continuing to find ways to balance our food convenience with the need to reduce plastic packaging will be an important issue for Lakewinds to address.

My tenure on the board as well as my professional background have afforded me the skills and experience to help the co-op continue to think and act strategically and sustainably. The common theme in my 11 year career for a health services and innovation company has been driving operational effectiveness, financial growth and innovation. I am currently a Product Director for a program that supports 250,000 patients.

I am committed to Lakewinds not just for me, but for my 3 year old son, 1 year old daughter and husband. As a board member, I will continue to be committed to the Lakewinds mission on behalf your family too.


Dear Member-Owners, as a long time enthusiast of a stable and healthy local food economy, and an absolute lover of all things Lakewinds, I am excited for this opportunity to contribute and serve.

I believe my experience managing and leading small and large teams that deliver broad scale programs, within both Fortune 100 and smaller companies, will be of service to the group.

As I look to the future it is imperative, as growth continues, that cooperative values/ends continue to link strongly to daily decisions, and that the overall brand experience at every touchpoint is not diluted. Also significant to our success will be balancing sustainable sourcing with oncoming environmental/economic issues and continued community and partnership development.


I am interested in serving on the Lakewinds board because it is an organization I truly believe in. I have interacted with Lakewinds as a producer, a customer and as a LOFF grant committee member. No matter which angle I have been involved with Lakewinds from, I have always found it to be a well run, caring and ethical organization.

The first issue I see facing Lakewinds over the next 5 years is staying true to its vision in the face of increasing grocery competition. In other parts of the country increased competition has led coops to at times compromise their values around local and sustainable buying to attract a large swath of “mainstream” customers. I believe the strength of a coop is in its dedication to those values.

Second, as the grocery market becomes more competitive by the day in the Twin Cities, continuing to attract and retain top quality employees will be a major issue. This is especially true with a strong economy and low unemployment rate.

I believe my significant experience with sustainable farming and human resources would prove an excellent resource to the board as we confront the challenges above.


As a Lakewinds customer, I have been consistently awed by the vision and mission that make Lakewinds a success. As a member of the board of the directors, I am impressed with my fellow board members and a leadership team that is devoted to growing Lakewinds into a business that gives back and nurtures a thriving food system. As Board President, I have worked to implement a solid strategic plan and ensure the Board has the direction it needs to fulfill its duties and support the amazing staff at Lakewinds.

However, I know that challenges lay ahead. First, it is imperative that local, high quality, healthy and environmentally conscious food remains accessible and affordable to all. There is a modern cliché that co-op grocers only serve a certain type of customer. This image must be confronted and abolished to allow community based markets to thrive. Second, it is increasingly challenging to support small grocers and growers while large corporate enterprises continue to push into the “healthy food” market. It is imperative that entities like Lakewinds fight to provide affordable and nutritious foods to diverse populations, while remaining influential in an increasingly competitive market.

Outside of Lakewinds, as a director of public health programs, I work to ensure that our communities are cared for by increasing access to nutritious foods and advocating for equitable and inclusive systems. We all deserve to feel included, and I am proud that Lakewinds is a welcoming business that exemplifies these values.

I am excited to see Lakewinds continue to grow, thrive, and support our communities and farmers. It has been a pleasure serving you these three years, fellow member-owners, and I welcome the opportunity to continue serving you as a member of the board.


I would like to continue serving on the Lakewinds Board because I am grateful for Lakewinds’ commitment to offer quality food for our community by changing the food system. I enjoy doing my part to “give back” to an organization that is helping us to make healthy choices for our bodies, our local farmers and our planet.

I believe the two most important issues facing Lakewinds in the next five years are: First, to grow our business while allowing us to respond nimbly to our member/owner desires. By expanding our business we can better respond to the issue of keeping prices competitive and have a greater impact in our community through the programs we offer, the relationships that we build, and shopping options that we provide. Second, we need to stay true to who we are. “Big box retail” is changing the way that food is delivered, the quality that is available, and largely ignoring the impact on our environment. As a co-op that exists to serve our member/owners and our broader community, we have a unique opportunity to be about something bigger than ourselves. We can continue to change the food system with our investment in local farmers, and programs that make healthier food available to our community while employing environmentally friendly practices.

I believe that I can offer value to the Board. My years of experience in human resources, leadership roles and previous experience on boards prepares me to participate well in strategic planning for Lakewinds and maintaining board oversight of the general manager. I am passionate about quality food and products all contributing to greater health and a healthier environment. It is my greatest hope that Lakewinds will remain a vibrant part of our community for years to come.